Close Coupled WC

Know more about a Close coupled toilet

Before exploring more about the close coupled toilet, it is more important to know what is a close coupled toilet. Actually, this is a type of toilet that is imagined by every one of us when planning for our bathroom. A Close coupled toilet can be defined as the one where the cistern sits on the back or behind the toilet pan and flushes directly through the connecting point.... The name close coupled toilet itself describes the design of this piece. This is a modified version of the traditional toilet that provides an ultra-contemporary style to your bathroom. Thus, these types of toilets are of a great and an ideal choice for a modern looking bathroom because of there super sleek and minimalist design. Close coupled toilet is very simple and elegant in design and has a push button dual flush, that can reduce the usage of water. Some of its designs are unique as they have clean lines and bold shapes that create a minimalist, modern style. This particular design is also known as a fully shrouded toilet, which means the waste pipe and water inlet are ‘fully shrouded’ within the ceramic, as a result, the toilet sits flushes against the wall when used. This can make it easy to clean with no ugly nooks or dust traps. My Bubble Bath, also see to it that it provides a wide range of close coupled toilet with high quality to select from. We work with the markets most leading brands’ such as Desire, Energy, Cassellie and Vado, and always ensure that our customers were provided with all their need done at an affordable price.

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