Back To Wall Pan

Back to wall toilet – Today’s most popular trend

The back to wall toilets is the one that was installed directly into a supportive wall i.e., the plumbing and waste pipes used in can directly flow straight into the wall making them hidden from the vision. Here, the cistern can be concealed by a back to wall unit or within the wall itself. ... The use of this back to wall toilet can please the eye of all by providing better aesthetics and saving space. In modern days the back to wall toilets has created more insight about fashion with hygiene. With this back to wall toilets, the toilet pan is separate to any other part of the toilet. Even these toilets are placed completely against a wall or unit with no space in between at all. These back to wall toilets is available in a wide range of designs and moves on with the all type of bathroom décor and contemporary, no matters whether it’s a traditional one or modern fashioned. When it comes to the maintenance of the back to wall toilets, there is no awkward nooks and crannies, thus it is very easier to clean and maintain. In addition, to make your cleaning an easier one we recommend you to apply an easy-care coating kit. On the whole, can say that it’s one among the best choice with all the best features of storage provider, easy maintenance, complementary, etc. apart from stylish look and hygiene. At My Bubble Bath, with the world-class quality brands’ such as Energy, Cassellie, Vado and Desire, we also see to it that you must be provided with perfect guidance about the in and out of a product before spending your money. All our products are available with very proper and perfect delivery.

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