Bath Filler

Bath Filler, one of the most modernised way towards a luxurious bathroom

Bath filler taps are the most minimalist answer to a conventional protruding bath tap. A bath filler taps usually consist of 2 tap holes and a single spout. They combine the hot and cold water together into a bathtub. These are often described as pillar-mounted. ... Previously, there are many models that are used as a flush to the deck but this model raised off the deck of the path, and are even wall mounted. These bath filler taps are available in different varieties.Wall mounted bath filler taps: When it is about bathroom taps, wall mounted bath filler taps are the first choice to move on with. As this can maintain the cleanliness as well as the finer look of the bathroom. Wall mounted bath filler taps provides an additional look towards a stylish and contemporary feel to any modern trend bathroom.Deck mounted taps: It is a collection which gives a good appearance to your bathroom. These are the models that are mainly in use. These taps are attached to the bath, basin or unit itself through drilled holes. These pillar taps are coming through two holes or monoblocs (a single hole). But as the time moves on this collection is much exposed to the dirt and calcium deposits, thus need regular care for the long run. These taps can also be called as surface mounted taps.My Bubble Bath provides a great variety of these bath filler taps from the top market brands such as Cassellie, Desire, Energy and Vado. We believe that we are responsible to guide our customers towards the in-and-out about a product in all the sense. Thus, is providing a product at an affordable price it is our aim to give you a healthy and pleasant shopping experience throughout.

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