Basin Mixer

Basin mixer taps, a compliment to your bathroom

A basin mixer tap just combines both hot and cold water together and feeds to flow out through a single spout that can be controlled either by a lever or a twin-handles. In another words, it can be described as the one that can control and maintains a moderate temperature of the water that flows out of the tap.... A basin mixer taps are the solution for a perfect design and style that can suite any bathroom or kitchen environment. Being dissimilar to the traditional one, these basin mixers are the separate pillar tap sets, that provides a sleeker and contemporary look. Even matches with a better economy and also have control over the temperature of the water. My Bubble Bath always see to it that you must be provided with the best collections. Thus, working with the market top brands like Cassellie, Vado, Desire and Energy, we always confirm that our mixer tap designs are compatible with gravity fed, unvented high pressure and are the fully modulated combi boilers. We provide a wide range of basin mixer taps in such a way that they are available as wall mounted as well as free-standing options for countertop basins. Let’s explore with different types of basin mixer taps.Waterfall basin mixer taps: This type of basin mixer tap is very popular now a days. They allow the water to deluge gently into your basin that can give you a calming and a soothing relaxed effect. Wall mounted basin mixer taps: These types of basin mixer taps are the ideal choice when it’s about the space-saving option. They can really give your bathroom a contemporary look and feel with a dramatic waterfall effect. High rise basin mixer taps: The uniqueness about such tap is that they are taller than the average taps that can be mounted to a vanity unit or work surface. High rise basin mixers are designed specially to be used with counter top basins.

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