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Shower Pump, go for the one that suits the water pressure of your Bathroom despite bathroom decor

Nowadays, everybody is much interested in having a luxurious look to their bathroom. Thus, they select each bathroom accessory with much precaution. But still, they miss selecting a proper shower pump depending upon the water pressure of their bathroom....You might be surprised as what is so special while selecting a shower pump. Yes, it is! A bathroom is considered to be hygienic depending upon the water supply. And the pressure of the water at your bathroom decides the perfect shower pump that needs to be acquired. It’s a good idea to have a stylish look to your bathroom. But it’s the best decision to investigate before buying a shower pump as we all know that there is a range of different showers and shower heads that require different bar pressures. Depending upon this there are different shower pumps for different showers and water pressure. Let’s have a look upon some necessary information that you must notice about your home before selecting a shower pump,
• Check for the placement of cold-water storage tank at your home.
• The location of the shower is above or below the cold-water storage space.
• The water temperature.
There are five types of shower pumps available at My Bubble Bath with the leading market brands such as Desire, Energy, Cassellie and Vado.Positive head shower pumps: Here, the tank is positioned higher than the shower, so water flows downwards via gravity. • Negative head shower pumps: Here, the cold-water tank outlet is below or near-level with the shower head.
Single Impeller Shower pumps: It is used to increase the cold-water pressure to an electric shower.
Twin impeller shower pumps: The two pumps are effectively joined on a common shaft and run by a single motor. They enter into the inlets at similar pressure and get boosted equally.
Centrifugal pumps: Here, the water exits with great pressure than when it entered the pump.
Regenerative pumps: Here, the water enters the side of a pump chamber and is pushed around by the impeller before exiting at a higher pressure.

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