Pivot Door

Gives a uniqueness to your bathroom with Pivot Door Shower enclosures

The pivot doors provide a fantastic solution for the bathrooms that have shower enclosures that are positioned in a corner or an alcove. In a bathroom, these pivot door slots are dedicated to space as the name suggests. Its pivots on two pins that are located at the top and bottom of the frame allow the door to open and close.... As the pivoting pins in these pivot doors are located very nearer to the wall, the door opening area over here is usually quite wide and generous for the entrance. One of the benefits of this type of shower door is that they provide a full shower enclosure through the use of a side panel. All these pivot doors are available with toughened safety glass up to the thickness of 8 mm for the best unique quality and safety in the shower. Its highest quality hinges allow the door to open and close with a silky-smooth feel. Even it’s closing mechanism also ensures a watertight seal as the door clicks firmly into the place on the frame. When you are going for a perfect shower door for your bathroom, be investigative and clear with the availability of space, dimension and style. You must be sure that the place where you were above to install the pivot door is with the correct width to get fit in. These doors usually begin from 700mm and range through 760 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm and raise up to 1000 mm, where each can be adjustable for walls which aren’t perfectly aligned. Even you have to be sure that its placement must allow the door to fit suitably so that the door can open up easily.At My Bubble Bath, we ensure our customers with the delivering of the best quality and fine guidance towards every product. While working with the leading brands’ Desire, Energy, Cassellie and Vado, we always see to it that our customer must be satisfied by all mean at his/her desirable budget.

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