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Electric Showers

Electric Showers! The Best Need for The Best Bathroom

Electric showers! One of the perfect inventions in the field of sanitaryware bathroom products that can save water and also provide the bath with the essence of warmth in touch. You can set the ideal temperature with its digital design when there is stronger water pressure.... Enjoying a warm shower is something amazing to experience with great water pressure. These shower models can be changed with mixer styles and models that has convenient adjustable heads. To heat water, these electric showers take water from the cold-water supply and heat it. This process is done by passing the water over a built-in heating element. But, when there is a lower water pressure or a gravity-fed water system, the temperature automatically differs in your bathroom. These electric power showers are more energy efficient as they can heat and pump the water instantly inside a self-contained system. My Bubble Bath is the dealer of all the sanitaryware products and works with the markets most valuable and demanding brands such as Cassellie and Vado. We mainly aim at our customer’s comfort. Thus, we believe in introducing them to the zone of our products before they go for it.We have a vast variety of collections in electric showers that differs as per the size of the water tank. If the water tank sized smaller, then there is a need of up to 8.5 kW electric showers. Similarly, for any good-sized water tank, a powerful flow of water must be around 9.5kW to 10.5kW.At My Bubble Bath, these wide collections are available in a different colour, including black, grey, white, etc. Even we do offer plenty of contemporary designs. Usually, among the wide collections, the Triton shower is one of the popular choices from the past few years. Some of them are available with simple push-button indicator, or LED power and temperature controls. But, we ensure our customers of the trust in quality and see to it that their purchase with us is worth for their money.

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