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Digital Showers

Let’s face a new world of digitalization with Digital Shower

A digital shower is boasted with a digital thermostat within the shower unit. Here, the temperature and flow of the shower is controlled with a remote by a separate control unit which can either be located in your shower or elsewhere in the bathroom. The control units communicate with the shower either via a cable or wireless technology.... Now a days, this is preferred by most of the people as they offer incredibly easy installation, as well as unparalleled control over the shower temperature. Not only that, even it retains the water temperature just at the touch of a button when you are using the other home appliances at your home.Digital showers allow you to pre-programme your perfect showering temperature with its digitalization technology. Its other features include touchscreen displays and colour coded displays, which shows water temperature. The most noticeable part of the wireless digital shower unit is that you don’t have to get in the shower to turn the shower on. Thus, you can wait until the water temperature is just right before getting in. Generally, the digital showers are compatible with any heating system, so as far as you have a boiler or immersion heater at your home, can enjoy the benefits of a digital shower. The digital shower works the same way as the traditional mixer but can be installed with the mixing unit that is hidden in loft spaces or wall cavities. Showerheads can either come from the ceiling or the wall, depending on shower model and your personal preference. Being the most preferable dealers ‘My bubble bath’ take care of their customers a lot and see to it that they should be provided with their desired product with the best quality and affordable price. For our customers shopping with My bubble bath is always a memorable moment.

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