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Wall Hung basins are an ideal choice for any small-sized compact bathroom or a cloakroom. It is with its greatest features of shape, size and styles, can create an exotic look to any place. They are one of the most popular sanitaryware collections that can be used even in an en-suites.... Apart from its compact size, the option of wall hung basin is mostly preferred because of its greatest flexibility of fixing. With the reputed brand Cassellie, all these wall-hung basins are made available by the markets best dealer My Bubble Bath. Our collections include the basins of all shapes and sizes that too, with a tap hole variation. When it is about the advantages of wall hung basin, there are many such as, 1)Saves space: These wall-hung basins are comparatively the smaller one than the rest of the types, and thus they are the perfect choice for any cloakrooms or small-sized bathrooms. Fixing of these wall-hung basins creates an illusion of wide availability of space.2) Greater Flexibility: They provide greater flexibility to the place as they can be positioned and fixed as per requirement. It is a great option for any house with young children, wheelchair users as they struggle to reach the taps.3)Easy to Clean: Cleaning the wall hung basins is a simple task which is not the case in the pedestal basin. 4) Don’t dominate the room: These are the basins that catch everybody’s attention with its shapes, size, and design and are the best options. They are with their far more compact and minimalist features, makes the bathroom look clean and beautiful.For My Bubble Bath, the customer’s satisfaction is the most important one. Thus, we always see to it that you must get everything at your comfort concerning best deal and high-quality.

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