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Basin and Pedestal

Basin and Pedestal, A new step towards an innovative bathroom

A basin and pedestal combine together to form a pedestal basin that hides the pipework behind your sink that is connected to the taps. These pedestal basins are floor mounted which means they will create a neat and tidy finish from the floor to your basin. The pedestal helps to hold the basin’s weight as well as cover the pipework behind. ... These basin and pedestal are available in a wide range with different colours and sizes. There small and compact size is perfect for the downstairs WC, right through to large ceramic sinks with deep, practical bowls. Among all other models, the angular model of this basin and pedestal have a sharp-angle that can provide a contemporary feel. These basin and pedestal combination move in all type of bathrooms despite its design. They are available in 1,2, or even 3 tap hole design, as per the need of the bathroom. Let’s discuss the features of this basin and pedestal combination to have detailed guidance about the product, Elegance in the touch – A pedestal basin can add an elegant touch to your bathroom. Their porcelain finish is available in many designs, styles and colours that can fit in almost any kind of bathroom.Maintenance – It provides easy maintenance, as the smooth surface of its glaze finish allows easy clean up with many, non-abrasive bathroom cleaners.Saves Space – One of the most well-known benefits of a pedestal basin is to create an illusion as if your bathroom is very spacious. This is possible since the pedestal basin footprint is usually only between 6 to 8 inches in diameter, this will provide an additional bathroom floor space that can give a feeling of a larger bathroom.At My Bubble Bath, we work with the market’s larger and best quality brands such as Energy, Cassellie, Desire and Vado, and make our customer satisfied by providing them with the best choice at a reasonable price.

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