Thermostatic Showers

Have a Memorable Thermostatic shower with My Bubble Bath

Having a hot thermostatic shower after a stressful day just brings heaven in the bathroom.... A thermostatic shower mixer maintains an exact temperature of water throughout your shower time. It is always an excellent choice for your young kids. With any electronic device, safety is very important and My Bubble Bath always ensures customer’s safety and see to it that your shower experience should be safe and pleasurable. My Bubble Bath, being the best quality suppliers of the thermostatic shower, our product protects you from any sudden changes in the water supply to the shower. And even if somebody flushes the toilet or turns on the kitchen tap, with our product you can get ready for the next shower instantly as the temperature of the shower will remain the same which is not so in case of a non-thermostatic shower where the temperature flatulates suddenly. A thermostatic shower mixer will automatically adjust the flow of both hot and cold water and ensure for the great shower. With a thermostatic shower, its valves place an important role i.e., can either be exposed or concealed. The concealed shower valves are simply a built-in valve that is sealed behind the tiling in a shower enclosure. The only visible part of a concealed shower valve is the chrome control plate and handles, the rest will be placed behind neatly. Whereas in case of exposed valves, they are typically a horizontal bar that sits outside of the wall and houses, the appearance over here is not that near.As said before ‘My Bubble Bath’ is the leading supplier of the most trusted and qualified market brands such as Vado, Cassellie and Energy, we priorities customers safety before everything. Thus, can feel free to enjoy our thermostatic shower for a pleasant experience.

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