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Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valves

Concealed thermostatic shower valves! A perfect addition to any bathroom. These top-quality-solid brass thermostatic are an ideal option for a luxurious look. These products are built with both contemporary and traditional style and design with a touch of elegance and comfort.... When it is about the features of these thermostatic shower valves, they are with two handles where one controls the flow and diverter, and another one controls the temperature. Thus, this two-way function allows them to switch between an overhead and shower handset. My Bubble Bath has a vast collection of these concealed valves that are with a high-quality chrome plating. They are with a single cast solid brass body have a most durable joint fixation. To provide this comfort to our customers, we work as an intermediator between our customer’s and the market’s best brand Cassellie and Vado to build a strong bondage for future. All our valves collections are constructed from a high-quality stainless-steel material with a high shine polished finish. These luxury shower valves are suitable for all domestic UK plumbing systems with a minimum pressure of 0.5 bar. Our collections are much suitable to be used with high water pressure systems.It’s up to date technology ensures a luxury showering experience with long-term product durability. Majority of our shower valves are the approved one that minimizes the risk of scalding within the home. One of the best features of our mixer valves is its wall-mounted quality that makes the shower look less cluttered and bulky. Here, its slim rectangular backplate smoothly conceals all pipe works adding a sleek finish to the overall system. With its vast range, it moves along with all sized bathroom designs and styles. We believe in providing our customers with a dazzling feel combines with a touch of warmth and care.

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