When someone talks about Sanitaryware, we all get the thought about the bathroom products such as toilets, basins, bath tubs, etc. But, the exact meaning of Sanitaryware is a division of ceramic wares that can be furthermore, defined with the term ‘hygiene and cleanliness’. ... These sanitaryware wares are cost-effective and are the best to go on for the long run. They withstand over 400 kg of load and are very much resistance to chemical attacks. These sanitaryware products also include simple bathroom accessories such as soap holder/trays, ash trays, towel rod, and toilet paper holders. These wares are most popular due to its high quality. They have obtained this high quality during its formation process as they are meant to be placed in the fire for above 1200oc so that it can become more vigorous. Their shape and texture will remain unaffected with the temperature variations. My Bubble Bath provides you with a vast range of designs and features that can enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom perfectly. We have a wide variety of washbasins, that are offered as wall hung, over the counter, under the counter and counter-top installation that moves well along with our exclusive range of faucets. Our water closets with a single piece, coupled and wall-mounted options get fitted into any coordinated designs. All of them gets installed perfectly.  We deal with the world-class brands Cassellie, Carno, Vado, etc. to provide our customers with the world’s most quality product at their desirable cost. Our products are available in an exclusive range with a combination of different bathroom products as exotic bathroom suite collections. Our main target is to provide you with complete satisfaction and standard period of warranty.

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