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A solder ring fitting are also known as Yorkshire fittings. They are pre-soldered connectors that are used for joining copper pipes. These are the ideal set of fittings when fitted in some confined spaces, and where there is a need for single-handled fitting. It is a pre-soldered capillary connector... These solder ring fitting lead free components are available in sizes from 8mm - 54mm. These fittings are less convenient than compression joints and are less reliable when compared to the flux solder joints. The process is somewhat different in case of obtaining perfect joints and durable joints. As to obtain perfect joints, the inside and outside of the fitting of the copper pipe are cleaned using coarse steel wool, and then a flux paste is applied, with this the pipe is inserted into the fitting and heat is applied from a portable propane torch until a ring of solder shows at the edges of the fitting. In the case of obtaining durable joints, the water must not be poured on the solder joint to make it cool. Here, the Yorkshire fittings are made with lead free solder. My Bubble Bath deals with a wide variety of solder ring fittings lead free that include straight coupling, imperial X metric, slip coupler, fitting reducer, crossover, tees, elbows, etc. Let’s explore some of them in detail,
Straight coupling: They are the pipe fitting that are with the unique set designs that will connect to a large range of pipes and hoses. Tees: They are the most common pipe fitting that are used to combine or divide the flow of water or any fluid. It is available with female thread sockets, solvent-weld sockets and a female-threaded side outlet. They connect the pipe of different diameters or change the direction of a pipe run. We have much more than these in a wide range depending upon your need at your comfortable pace.

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