A solder ring stopend fittings are used to cap off a pipe. These fittings are much fast and reliable. They are considered to be an economical solution to the assembly of copper tube that are manufactured to BS EN 1057, with complete recyclable property and a lead-free make  ... The pre-soldered lead-free capillary connector are the ideal choice when working in confined spaces. A lead free stopend fittings are high-quality solders that are located in each fitting with the joint secured through capillary action. They are when manufactured in copper, complies with single-headed fitting and is recognised with international standards. The professional plumber mostly prefers these copper-built fittings due to its lower cost, anti-microbial qualities and corrosion resistance property. My Bubble Bath deals with the market’s most preferred brands to provide you with high-quality products. We have a vast range of collections concerning solder ring stopend fittings available in 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 22mm, and 28mm. When it is about its applications, it is to be for use on the hot and cold system, heating installations, industrial engineering and fuel services. They are also suitable for low-pressure gas pipe-works. We see to it that all our products must be provided to you with durability ensuring your safety. Thus, we have these stopend fittings available with WRAS approved. With all these best qualities we do provide you with a great shopping experience at your budget.

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