Blow Off Pipe Cowl


The blow off pipe cowl lead free solder ring fittings are used to easily terminate the end of a pressure relief pipe from a boiler or something similar to that. These blow off pipe cowl is manufactured to EN 1254 and are fully complied with all current order  ... Generally, the relief pipe from a boiler is directed towards the wall of the property either through elbow pipes or bent pieces of pipe, which can spoil the overall appearance. Thus, these blow off pipe cowl is used to provide a much neater and professional look. It is unobtrusive and does not create an obstruction concerning the look of a building. My Bubble Bath deals with world-class brands to provide you with a high-quality product. With that, we also have a wide collection of these cowl fittings available in several sizes, including 15mm and 22mm. These blow off pipe cowl solder ring connections are with the outside pipe-works with an easy and cost-effective solution. These cowl solder ring fittings are suitable for water, oil and gas systems with hard and soft water areas. But, they are not suitable for drinking water. We take care, that you must be provided with something that worth your money. Thus, we made you aware of the product information before you go for it. We do offer great deals so that you can have the products at an affordable price with safe and on-time delivery.

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