Gate Valves

The Gate Valves are The Gate Keepers!

Gate valves are also known as a sluice valve. They are the one that opens by lifting barriers out of the path of the fluid. These gate valves require very little space with the pipe axis. They hardly restrict the flow of fluid when the gate is fully opened. ... These gate valves serve as efficient stop valves in either direction. Its stem screw and handwheel moves up and down at right angles to the path of flow, and seats against two-seat faces to shut off the flow. These gate valves are not prescribed for throttling since their controlling characteristic is not appreciated due to erosion; eventually, they may provide an effective shut-off. One among the market’s best brands Primaflow works with My Bubble Bath and offers a comprehensive range of gate valves that can be used in all type of applications and industries. We have these gate valves available in wide collections of brass, bronze, stainless steel, carbon steel, exotic alloys, etc. with the size ranges from 6mm to 2500mm. They were designed for fully opened or fully closed services. These gate valves are installed in the pipelines as isolating valves and should not be used as a control or regulating valves. During operation, these valves perform either clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation of the stem as needed to open or close the valves. These valves are used mainly when there is a loss of minimum pressure and the need for a free bore. Whenever these valves are opened fully, there will not be an obstacle in the path of water flow resulting in a very low-pressure loss. It is a multiturn valve that operates by means of the threaded stem. Thus, these gate valves will all great features are made available to you over here with great quality at your budget.

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