Check Valves


A check valve is the type of valve that allows the fluid to flow in one direction but closes automatically to prevent the flow in the opposite direction. The applications of these check valves are many. These valves are also known as a non-return valve or NRV.  ... My Bubble Bath provides a wide range of these check valves working with the market’s most reputed brands Primaflow. We have this product as a double check valve with varieties of compression ends that is fitted into parts of the cold-water system. They are the one build-up of brass material. As these check valves are designed to prevent the reverse flow of fluids and gases within a pipeline system, they allow the fluid to flow towards a single way through the pipeline. Due to its simple design, these check valves usually operate without automation or human interaction, simply works depending upon the open and closing knob. These check valves are available in different varieties such as ball valves, dual plate valves, double door valves, spring-assisted inline valves, nozzle valves, piston or lift valves, and swing checks. Among all the above one, the swing check valves are the most common check valves that are designed as fully-ported one, which means that here, the disc is fully opened and is out of the flow stream. The swing check valves are the most common type of check valves that are used everywhere. It is a full-port design with the disc which is out of the flow stream when it is opened fully. This type of check valve is of a great choice in application with a high percentage of solids and a lower on/off cycle count. The second most common type of check valve is the double-door check valves. They are somewhat similar to that of the swing check and little better in terms of closing because of the coiled springs that assist the two cantilevered doors to get close easily.

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