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When it is about plumbing, it gets complete only with the requirement of general valves. The main feature of these valves is to stop and controls the flow of pressurised water by regulating the flow of water. As every other product even, the different type of these valves do have their pros and cons... These valves are available in a wide range of designs as per the needs that may be best suited for simple ON-OFF control of the water flow, or sometimes they may be designed so that can be used to adjust the volume of the water flow. Let’s see some of the different varieties of valves, Gate Valves: These valves control the water flow by raising or lowering an internal gate by making use of a twist-type handle or knob that is located at the top of the valve. They are designed to be fully open or fully closed as per the need. Ball Valves: They are the most reliable type of valves that are commonly used for main water shutoffs and branch line shutoffs. Just like gate valves, a ball valve is designed as an all-or-nothing valve. Even they should be either fully open to allow full flow or full closed to stop the water flow. Check Valves: This type of valves is a speciality valve that is used to keep water flowing in one direction only and simultaneously prevent the flow in the opposite direction. They do not have control handles. My Bubble Bath do take care of even these simple and small components and thus made these general valves available in a wide range of different materials. This vast range includes bronze, PVC, brass, and plastic. Here, you just need to make sure with the chosen material to be an appropriate one to the type of pipe used in the plumbing system. All our brands mark a high-quality note that can provide you with a satisfying result at your budget.

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