Plumbing plays an important role in a bathroom. A bathroom will lose its appearance if the plumbing work is not performed properly. It is always better to perform the plumbing work through proper professional, and it is must to have that done with a proper range of plumb fittings and pipes.... These plumbing products include waste, plastic, copper and brass pipes and fittings, hose, hose joiners, etc. Among the wide range of plumbing products, the brass fittings are something that is mostly preferred. They are comprised of pipe attachments, threaded fasteners and flare fittings. Its exclusive and exceptional qualities of rust resistance, durability, flexibility and hardness makes the plumbing application to be more appreciable among people.  These brass fitting are available with more complex fittings such as pipe manifolds with multiple starts, 5-way joint and custom units. In certain cases, the brass fittings are chrome plated that can enhance the performance in certain systems. Depending upon the operation, these fittings can be threaded or unthreaded.Apart from the bathroom, these plumbing fitting are also used in automotive applications such as air brakes, hose ends, and fuel line valves. Even it includes ballcock adapters, refrigerators and cooler fittings and compression fittings. Even the simple and small fitting designs provide a specific purpose. These valves are best for both hot and cold waters supply, central heating and system balancing.My Bubble Bath provides a high-quality range of these plumbing products that can get fitted into any main product, whether it’s a tap or basin or bathtub, etc. We provide our customers with the market most trusted brands such as Cassellie, Vado, Energy, and Desire. All our products are available with the assurance of high quality and a long-lasting duration.

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