Boiler Tools

A Guide About Boiler Tools

Boiler tools are the basic need for a boiler that is used to complete any boiler installation, maintenance or repair work. These tools include specially designed cutter, pipe slice, blow torch, nut spanner, box spanner, Abrasive clean up strip, wrench, adjustable fitted jaws wrench, etc... The boiler tools are the items that are used while installing, maintaining or repairing a boiler. Apart from its focus on main products, My Bubble Bath also gives the same priority to the cheapest and small products such as boiler tools. Thus, we introduces the best quality product from the world best brands such as Rothenberger superfire, Monument, Abrasive.Pipe slice: It is the one used for single action with one handed tube cutter ideal that can be used to tighten the locations that are hard to reach. Blow torch: This item is used in during soldering and brazing. The brand Rothenberger Superfire provides the highest standards in concentrating high temperatures for fast and effective soldering and brazing. Adjustable Fitted 2 Jaws Wrench: It is an adjustable basin wrench that is used in tightening or loosening nuts in tight or awkward positions, mainly those that are underneath basins or baths. The teeth available on the jaws can firmly grip uneven shapes. It provides access to those places where the fixed spanners cannot operate. Pipe cutter: This pipe cutter is available with an aluminium body. Its compact size tells us about its ideal quality to work in confined spaces. Make sure that the cutter cuts in one direction to ensure a perfect cutting edge that can help you prevent leakages and uneven joints. This cannot be used on stainless steel. It will only cut off the exact size of the copper pipe.

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