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Boiler Protection is something that is used to protect the boiler against flue gas condensation and thermal stock. But before getting into the details, it is must to know something about the boilers. Well, the boiler is the closed vessel where the water or other liquid is heated, steam or vapour is generated... To be more precise with its definition, it can be defined as a duct or pipe for the removal of exhaust gases from a heating system or generator. For every boiler flue options and styles, there is a wide range of domestic and commercial boiler installation. This variety also allows sites flexibility. There are different types of boiler that are classified in a different situation. Some are classified as per the position of water and hot gasses, some with an axis to shell, positioning of the boiler, their pressure, etc. When it is about boiler protection, it is a mixing device that is used to control the load on the boiler. Here, if the temperature of the boiler is below the considered temperature or else if the returned water temperature cools down suddenly, the mixing device can back off by allowing the boiler loops to come up to the temperature. With this function, the life of the boiler can be improved significantly. One of the common features of all the system is the dynamic loading that depends upon monitoring. This can allow early diagnosis of problems that get started up long before the trouble arises. Here, there are certain parameter that needs to be monitored such as, 1) The flow of water circulation
2) Dropping of pressure
3) Temperature
4) The difference in the temperature
5) Thermic stress
When it comes to the benefits of boiler protection, for each application, a specific combination of parameters is there. To begin with, there are two basic kinds of boiler protection systems that differ from boiler to boiler. The first one is the exhaust gas-fired boilers (exhaust gas economizers, exhaust gas boilers) and another one is with the combination of system, i.e., oil-fired boilers, dual fuel boilers and combi-boilers. The exhaust gas-fired boilers are served with the G5000 EGE Monitor whereas the other one is controlled with the G5500 OFB Monitor. My Bubble Bath deals with the world best quality brands such as Vaillant, Worcester, Ideal, Adey, Fernox, etc. to provide our customers with the best-trusted products with the assurance of safety and security.

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