Boiler Flue

Everything You Need to Know About Boiler Flue

A boiler flue is a duct or pipe that allows the exhaust gases to exit your boiler into the atmosphere from a heating system or generator. It is the pipe that is elevated outside from your boiler so that the waste gases and condensation from your heating system cannot get into your home.

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This boiler flue is usually located behind the boiler that allows the gases to escape quickly and safely from your place. Well, it is vital to make use of the correct flue while considering a new central heating system as it is an essential part of any heating system. Flues are adjustable and are designed to release the noxious gases to the atmosphere. If the boiler flue is installed correctly, it can help with the overall energy efficiency of your property. But, if it is not set properly, it can release the useful household heat to the atmosphere.

The boiler flue will pass through a heat exchanger that can minimise the procedure of warming the cold air on its way back from the radiators. It is the case with modern condensing boilers before exhaust gases are released into the atmosphere. The heat exchanger is another part of the heating system that is paramount to an energy efficient place.

Due to lack of servicing or improper fitting, the flue can become the worst and can produce poisonous gases into the surrounding. Therefore, it is good to make use of a professional engineer who is well-experience in this type of gas safe field. During the final servicing, the heating engineer will always inspect the boiler flue and check out for any unusual signs such as the presence of wear and tear in the flue.

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