Let’s dive into the Ocean of Cassellie Bathroom Furniture

Now a days whenever we think about the furniture we just relate it with our current needs whether could be for our home or office. And we just go for the best quality brands no matter whether it’s for our living room or bathroom. Cassellie is one of the best quality brands that have all kinds of furniture. Cassellie bathroom furniture and its other regular furniture are something that is always in demand. But before getting deep into the Cassellie brand, I think we much have some insight about the history of furniture as in today’s lifestyle it has become something so essential for our regular living.

As per scriptures, in olden days our ancestors have used natural objects like furniture, the objects such as tree stumps, rocks and moss at the beginning of civilisation. Archaeologist says that the furniture’s that are carved have been in use from around 30,000 years ago. In the beginning, mostly, stones are carved to build the furniture’s including cupboards, dressers and beds. Later on, in the period of ancient Egypt, the wood has been introduced to build furniture. The evolution of furniture design continued in ancient Greece and ancient Rome where it’s further improved by means of multipurpose couches that are used for relaxing, eating and sleeping. In the early period, the furniture is well-known for its artwork.

As time moved on, in the fourteenth and fifteenth century during Italian renaissance a revolution took place where the furniture designs got expanded. In the seventeenth century, both Southern and Northern Europe was characterised by opulent design. Whereas, in the nineteenth century it was furthermore defined by revival styles. It’s the twentieth century when the modernism got introduced in terms of furniture, where the need for furniture has become too essential for a normal living lifestyle.

Different types of Cassellie Bathroom Furniture

It’s very common to use furniture in the living rooms, dining room and bedroom. But from last few years, as per the modern fashion, the people have started making use of furniture’s at their bathroom’s too. Upon the customer’s choice, Cassellie has introduced a wide range of Cassellie bathroom furniture that can provide you with the comfort that you deserve at your budget price.

Adding furniture to your bathroom can provide you with almost all sorts of advantages, as it can create a harmonised and stylish look with the efficient storage space. But this brand has numerous categories to choose from as you might get confused that what will work in your bathroom. Thus, let’s have an insight into the different kinds of Cassellie bathroom furniture.

1) Basin vanity units

Cassellie deals with the basin vanity unit that stands out for its features. We provide the basin vanity unit with basin sunk completely or partially into the top. The unit itself is often available with a cupboard or set of drawers, making it very useful for extra storage, as well as adding a stylish touch to your bathroom.

Cassellie provides this basin vanity unit with a wide range of options that includes the style of the basin, from the semi-recessed basin, to countertop basins, so that you can mix and match to create a look as per your preference.

Most of our vanity units come with a fitted basin already, and even we have the option to choose a counter top basin, which sits on top of a drawer or cupboard unit. These options are made available for you to create a very stylish and luxurious look for your bathroom.

2) Wall hung basin units

This is the basin unit, which is again with a freestanding version. Our wall hung basin unit’s come in a wide range of style and finishes to match your bathroom. They are available as mounted on the wall, so there is no pedestal taking up floor space. This type of basin unit moves well in a smaller bathroom, and also provides a stylish look. These basins also feature built-in drawers for extra storage and can be bought with a flat top as per your requirement.

3) Mirror and cabinets

When it’s about furniture, we do have an option for the storage cabinets that can be with the mirror. This can fulfil your desire to have a storage place with the installation of the mirror in it.

Wall mounted cabinets are very useful in bathrooms with limited space, as are mirror cabinets that can be placed above the basin. We also provide these types of furniture with the touch of glamour by providing LED light storage facility that can create a luxurious look to your bathroom.

4) Basin and toilet unit

These units combine together a basin and storage cupboard with a back to the wall with hidden cistern, making them perfect for smaller bathroom or cloakroom, or if you just want to create a harmonised look to any place.

The combination of basin and toilet units come in a wide variety of finishes and sizes, with different styles of toilet and accessories, which makes them easy to match your bathroom space. Even with this type of furniture, the cupboard space under the basin is provided for the storage purpose.

5) Fitted bathroom furniture

This is an option, which is preferred by most of the people. The uniqueness about these kinds of fitted bathrooms is that they produce a clean, uncluttered appearance, with a worktop, plenty of storage space and matching units.

The above description covers only certain types of bathroom furniture, but Cassellie has much more options to choose from. Even at Cassellie almost all types of bathroom furniture is unique in its own way that can create a luxurious look to your bathroom regardless of its size and design.