The taps play an important role in a bathroom. Apart from just being structures that dispense water, they can also act as style statements. However, choosing the right type of taps are crucial for a bathroom to function well. We'll see why. There are several types of taps available in the market. The wall-mounted taps are one among them. So let's focus on them and dive deep into the details before making a decision.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Type Of Tap For Your Bathroom?

Choosing the right kind of tap to populate your bathroom space is an important thing and you should never underestimate it. We say so because in a room the taps are the most used elements. They are used to accompany a bath, basin and also as an additional shower element. As mentioned earlier, the bathrooms taps are responsible for delivering a premium quality performance and matching with the aesthetics of your room. But choosing the best one can always be a bit confusing. However, you can eliminate half the field, once you decide on whether you want a modern or traditional tap. You can easily decide on it based on the existing decor in your room unless you plan to do a full bathroom revamp. But a word of caution- do not take a hasty decision. take your time and think carefully before purchasing your taps as they have to create a timeless look that you wouldn't get tired of at least for a few years. Consider factors like what will work with the current bathroom setup in your home and provide a stylish springboard for you to build a new style of bathroom.

What Are Wall Mounted Taps?

Normally, taps are mounted on a countertop behind the sink. Unlike these deck mounted taps, wall mounted taps are the ones that are installed on the wall behind the basin or a bath. The wall mounted bathroom taps extends over the basin or tub at a particular height to dispense water. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles, designs and finishes. And can create a seamless look in both modern and traditional bathrooms. Furthermore using them is the best way to add a touch of style and elegance to your room. As soon as you install it in your bathroom it will give a clean and luxurious look.

Why Do Many People Prefer Having Wall Mounted Bath Taps?

Many people nowadays prefer wall mounted taps over anything else because of their aesthetics and various other benefits they offers. Now let us consider some of the many factors that attract many homeowners towards the wall-mounted bath taps.

Easy to clean

Many people love the wall-mounted bath taps because they are easy to clean. Usually, taps cause a lot of trouble because that is the spot that you deal with more water, soap ad dirt. As a result, deposits of dirt and calcium from water may get accumulated in the area below it. So your entire basin or bath area may look unkempt and give a very displeasing look. You also have a hard time cleaning those areas and removing the dirt from that area. But it is not the case with wall mounted taps. As the area below it is free, not much of the dirt accumulates there. As there is no hardware, cleaning the space also becomes easy as it increases freedom of movement.

Gives you more space

Especially on the bathtub top, you will need more space to store the many items required for a bath. As the wall-mounted bath taps are mounted on the wall, they give more space in which you can store a lot of toiletries like, soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, essential oils, scrub pads and many more.

They increase the range of motion

The usual double-joint taps require a lot of space and the remaining area they leave behind are barely anything. So when you are trying to fill large pots with water you may easily scissor back and forth. But with wall-mounted faucets, you can increase the range of motion without hurting your hands.

Variety in style

The wall-mounted taps look stunning and standards out from the usual bathroom designs. The best part is that they are available in a wide range of styles and designs. So picking the right one that would go with the theme of your bathroom wouldn't be a problem. From traditional roll top baths that are paired with pillar taps to modern mixer taps or waterfall taps, you can easily find one that will suit the interior design of your home.

Allows central installation

If you choose wall-mounted bath taps you have the liberty to choose even a central installation system. This will eliminate the need for the 'tap end of the bath. As a result, you can make your bathing time more enjoyable and relaxing.

Gives an integrated feel

Wall-mounted faucets give your place a 'done on purpose' quality. If used on a bathroom, it almost starts feeling like the room has been designed to accommodate your bathroom design.

They are understated

Instead of being shouty features, wall-mounted taps are subtle pieces of artwork. They draw the eye and leave a lasting impression.

Gives you a stunning and stylish finish

These taps can be a stylish element in your bathroom and create a WOW factor. The wall-mounted taps do not have any exposed pipework and appear to be floating. This will add a luxurious feel to your bathroom

The visual results are impeccable

Wall-mounted fixtures can match any decor style, be it classical or modern. They can be an excellent option for a retro setting. Apart from being eye-catching elements, wall mounted bath taps can give a vintage feel.

They are Compatible

Wall-mounted taps go well with everything. They can be coupled with both a countertop basin as well as with a freestanding tub.


Wall-mounted taps are the perfect way to give your bathroom a luxurious feel at an affordable cost.