What is a heat only boiler?

Homeowners those who use a considerable amount of water should install heat only boiler for heating their homes and drinking purposes. It is worth to note that heat only boiler is nothing but a conventional boiler which has two tanks, namely hot water cylinder and the heating boiler. 

If you are living in an individual house or apartment which has two or more bathrooms, then you should start using heat only boiler immediately. You can save a lot of money and time when you use these types of conventional boilers.  

Users can enjoy continuous hot water supply and finish-off their daily routines quickly. It is imperative to note that boilers are a perfect fit for the people who live in cold countries. 

How to select the best heat only boiler?

If you are planning to buy a central heating system in your home and office premises, then you can think of purchasing combi boilers which come with advanced features. These types of quality boilers which come with best ratings maintain water pressure properly and dispense hot water throughout the day in the pipes and taps. 

You should take into account the following factors before buying the best boilers from the market or online portals.  

  • The reputation of the seller   

Reputation and business standards play a vital role. Click here to get the names and addresses of the star rated e-commerce stores which sell an array of competitively priced boilers

  • Use aggregator site for price comparison

If you are seriously concerned about the cost and quality, then you should start using aggregator site which will give you inputs that are related to rates, terms and conditions, warranty and discount details.  

  • Showroom visit and physical inspection

First-time buyers can do window shopping or physically inspect the products to get a better insight into some of the hot-selling boilers. They can pose various questions that are related to boilers directly to the seller and get instant answers from them.  

  • Explore installation guide and videos 

You should explore online installation guides and tutorial videos posted on the seller’s websites before taking the next course of action. You can also download the e-brochures, product descriptions and images before selecting the best model. 

  • Reviews and references 

It would help if you took efforts to explore ratings, reviews and feedback before buying a regular boiler from the market. If some of your friends and neighbours have purchased and installed the latest model open vent boiler recently in their homes and offices, then you can get in touch with them immediately.

They will direct you to some of the best shops which are operating you’re your location. 

  • Compatibility with solar water systems

You can enjoy multiple benefits when you choose a boiler which is compatible with solar thermal hot water systems. Since the system uses free energy from the sun, the owner can cut down electricity cost to a great extent. 

  • Warranty and guarantee

Reputed sellers often provide a warranty, free maintenance and service guarantee. Check all these details before buying the best product from the market.

How to maintain a water tank in the loft properly? 

If you are using old or vintage types of boilers, then you should take efforts to arrest water leakages, high decibel noise and other such repairs. Upkeep and maintenance play a vital role when it comes with conventional heating systems. If you do not have DIY tools, then you should engage the services of an experienced heating engineer immediately.

Educate yourself before buying heat only boiler

It would help if you did not get confused with heat, only boiler systems and other famous products like natural gas, electric, oil and condensing boiler since it works on a different principle. It would help if you educated yourself before buying a hot water boiler from the market. Explore informative articles and blogs which provides information about hot water boiler before selecting the best one. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using heat only boiler


  • Maximum hot water storage

You can store maximum hot water in the tanks and use them at any point in time. Users will not face scarcity of warm water and get continuous supply round the clock.  

  • No or minimum maintenance cost

Cost of maintaining the conventional boiler is nil, or it involves bare minimal costs.  

  • Blends well with old heating systems 

Heat only boilers go well with old heating systems. It would help if you made any alterations or changes in pipelines.


  • Extracts maximum space

Conventional boilers extract lots of space in your home. It will not be a perfect fit if you are living in a small house or studio type apartments. 

  • Complicated pipe works

Installing open vent systems inside the home or office is a complicated task since there are multiple pipelines in it. Commoners will not understand the functioning of pipes that easily.

Measurements and budget allocation

You should measure your floor space, room size and open space before getting a free quote from the sellers. Analyse the pros and cons thoroughly and decide based on the merits of the case.  

Cost prices of gas heat only boilers change from product to product, and you should select the best ones that meet your budget and taste. Heat only boilers come in 6kw, 8kw and 15kw and you should explore boiler tables before taking the next decision. 

You should never take hasty decisions and buy a boiler which is priced high and does not meet your home requirements. You should do maximum online research and survey and gather valuable inputs. 

Buyers should check sellers’ accreditation, experience and satisfaction levels. Click here if you want to get an instant free quote from some of the reputed sellers. There are e-commerce shops which have announced big offers, discounts and deal for all types of boilers.

Majority of the shops which sell branded heat boilers offer express free delivery, cash on delivery and cash deal. You should also inspect sellers’ terms and conditions, code of conducts and privacy statements.