A bathroom in a house is one of the most important spaces and one of the coldest rooms as well. But in reality, we want it to be a warm and cosy space, especially when we have returned from taking a bath or shower. It is crucial to keep a bathroom warm and a designer towel rail will actually help you achieve that goal while also being a style statement for your house.

Once they were an exclusive product to be used in the house of the rich and well-to-do middle classes. But nowadays things have changed. From being considered as an aspirational status symbol they have transformed into a practical home addition that everyone loves. But still, the heated towel rails maintain their 'luxury appliance' label while they are reasonably priced to be more affordable for many households in the UK. And once you have started living with one, you will never want to miss it in the future bathrooms. One of the best feelings in the world coming out of the shower and grabbing a warm towel to cocoon yourself. This feeling will be much needed during winters and can make it more tolerable. Apart from offering a feeling of comfort, keeping your towels heated helps in keeping them in use for a longer time.

What Is A Designer Electric Towel Rail?

Towel rails or towel radiators as we often call them are heating instruments that can be added to your bathroom to keep your towels warm so that you can grab and use them whenever necessary. It gives the option to hang your towels so that they can keep dry and warm. Likewise, a designer towel rail acts as a style statement as well and helps in sprucing up the look of the bathroom. When installed, it can even turn a regular bathroom into a spa-like space that will help you feel relaxed in a warm atmosphere.

Which Fuel Type Is The BEST? Why Is It Better To Have A Electric Towel Rail?

The bathroom radiators are effective room heating solutions as they are available in different fuel types like dual fuel, central heating and electric. So that you have the liberty of choosing one that will suit your usage habits. You can choose a wet system to work along with your central heating system or an electric system that can work in isolation.

Designer electric towel rails can be ideal if you want to have control of your bathroom heater be separate from the central heating system of your house. It can even be a boon to you if you are living in a place that doesn't have central heating installed. This means that, when you need additional heating in your bathroom, you need not have to run your entire central heating system just to heat one small space of your house.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Designer Electric Towel Rail?


One of the prime benefits of installing an electric towel rail is that they are highly versatile and offer great functionality. While keeping your towels warm and dry they also perform the task of providing efficient heating to the entire bathroom. Moreover, they are a great way to save space. With their sleek design, they allow you to make the most of the available space. With these, you can save storage spaces that would otherwise be used to heap towels.

Enhance your bathroom décor

The designer electric towel rails are now available in a wide range of stylish designs. Therefore, simply by installing these, they can add a real "WOW" factor to your bathroom. You get traditional styled ones to the chrome heated towel rails that are resilient and hard-wearing. Apart from being a source of heat, they can add a perfect finishing touch to the decor of your bathroom. At MY BUBBLE BATH, you will be able to find a wide range of options and can easily select one that suits your style and fulfils your need.

Luxurious yet affordable

If you are someone who is longing to have a touch of luxury but are tight on budget, the designer electric towel rails are the best options. Many hesitate to do because they think installing a designer towel rail will step beyond their budget, but in our store, you have a lot of affordable options to choose from. So you need not worry about the budget. In terms of style, they are the best and can suit any theme of the bathroom. For instance, if you would like to give your bathroom a bold designer look you can choose flat panels and geometric rails. O the other hand, if you wish to have a more subtle look, a towel rail with curved rails can do wonders. If you want your rail to match with the other chrome fixtures in your bathroom, you can go for the chrome-finished rails. Or even an anthracite finish will let you stand out.

Eye-catching design

The designer electric towel rails can be an eye-catching design feature in your bathroom. The modern designs that we get nowadays can look great as a centrepiece. Or the design can also be chosen to be sleek and discrete based on your style.

Helps in keeping your towels dry, warm and fresh always

With the electrically heated towel rails, you need not worry about hanging soggy bathmats over the edge of the bath or the musty towels to the back of the door. Even in winters, you can keep your towels fresh and dry with heated rails. As they dry up the towels, you can just hang them in the rails between uses and need not bother about putting them in a dryer to get rid of the musty smell. Because bathrooms are a wet and steamy environment, there are more chances for mould to grow. But keeping the bathroom heated and towels dry will prevent it from happening. As a result, you can maintain a hygienic environment in your bathroom.