Vaillant Boiler— A Solution to Warm You and Your Home

If your hot water is unreliable, or your heating keeps making unusual sounds or keep failing, time to switch to a Vaillant boiler. It is an excellent way to reduce your bills as well.

Using a gas boiler to heat your home and water results in almost 50% more of your annual energy bills. Installing a newer and more highly efficient boiler can make a significant difference to your property.

We, at My Bubble Bath, offers boilers build with the highest quality and standards. It ensures quiet and energy-efficient heating and hot water comfort for your home.

As the demand for greener, environmental-friendly, more energy-efficient boiler grown; Valliant has developed high quality heating system and solutions. It provides the household with intelligent, easy-to-operate systems. Having worked in partnership with Vaillant for years, My Bubble Bath is proud to a leading Vaillant advance installer across the UK. As a leading advance installer, we exclusively provide part and labour warranty across the Vaillant product range.

Vaillant has a keen focus on low emissions with energy efficiency ratings. Vaillant, a ‘thinking ahead’ manufacturer highlights their range of different types of boilers which are future-proof, sustainable and with the lowest carbon footprint.

How to Choose the Right Vaillant Boiler for My Home?

Before choosing any boiler, it is crucial to consider the right type of boiler for your heating and hot water requirements.

Who doesn’t want their home to be as comfortable as possible, and especially during winters? Everyone does. During wintertime, the weather can turn out to be quite miserable outside. Having the best and right Vaillant Boiler system in your home can certainly go a long way in keeping as comfortable and warm as possible.

Choosing the boiler range that is ideal for you is essential. It is essential not just for your comfort level but also for the amount of energy that is being used as well. We have shared some options that you may want to consider when choosing the boiler for home.

Vaillant Combi Boiler

Combi boilers are best suitable for smaller homes and families, where heating and hot water needs aren't usually much. It is a type of combination boiler. The combination comes in the form of a unit delivering central heating for the entire house. It also gives hot water and provides that needed convenience for the whole family.

It is a cost-effective and efficient unit. It doesn’t require a separate water storage tank as the hot water is generated only when it is needed. So, it doesn’t use energy unnecessarily like other boiler units.

Combi boilers are usually compact. So, it can fit the boiler almost anywhere that is safe in the home. Also, it can be a cupboard fit.

It is a storage combi boiler with the capability of delivering 20 litres of hot water per minute. It is highly efficient and has A-rated fuel-efficiency along with powerful DHW performance. It consists of the stainless-steel heat exchanger with simple commissioning and servicing.

If you are looking for easy-to-use interface and quick installation wizard, go for this Vaillant boiler. Also, it has a separate boiler and tank module. This a premium option that will help you save huge money on energy bills while delivering the highest standard performance.

My Bubble Bath has added this ever-popular Vaillant ecoFit 835 combination boiler to help you make the right choices on boiler accessories and flue parts. It has less carbon footprint with utmost flexibility of siting— it fits perfectly with the customer’s requirements. The automatic purging assistance alongside high spec, aluminium heat exchanger, makes for a lightweight installation.

Vaillant System Boiler

For bigger homes and bigger families with higher heating and hot water requirement, system boilers are an ideal option. The high demand for hot water is fulfilled with a constant supply which gets stored in a separate water tank.

The ecoTEC Plus 615 high-efficiency system boilers with flue are very lightweight and have a compact dimension. It offers impressive flexibility with quick installation. It meets the growing demand from homeowners and installers alike for a smaller, lighter appliance. It has a new, highly efficient pump for lower energy consumption.  

Vaillant Heating Only Boiler    

The other popular type of boiler is the Regular (Open Vent) boiler. It is best suitable for homes with multiple bathrooms that are likely to be used at the same time. A regular boiler can also be fitted with renewable solutions like solar water systems and heat pumps.

At My Bubble Bath, we have a vast range of Vaillant Heat Only Boilers. The EcoTec Heat Only Boilers (popularly known as 'Regular' boilers) produce the heat for your central heating system (to be used in your radiators). It works together with hot water storage to give the hot water needed within a property.

My Bubble Bath offers the ever-popular Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 415 open vent boilers to assist you in making the right choices on boiler accessories and flue parts. It is one of the most versatile and compact boilers ever created by Vaillant. It has small dimensions and a stylish design.

Easy to install and operate, it is the perfect upgrade solution for a traditional open-vented heating system delivering unbelievable high performance and efficiency levels, with excellent usability.

Why Buy Vaillant Boilers at My Bubble Bath?

Almost 140 years ago, Vaillant boilers started as a family-owned business. Over time it has gone on to lead the way in the advancement and manufacture of heating and hot water technology.

From unbeatable Vaillant boilers and hot water cylinders to instinctive controls and several advanced renewable technologies, Vaillant has everything. Every product is designed to match the highest standard and use sustainable energy sources. Vaillant has always strived to deliver on their promise to ‘think ahead’.

Their global reputation is built on inventing innovative products and solutions. They have completely revolutionized the heating industry.

In brief,

  • Valliant boilers are highly economical and efficient to run. It can help you save money on fuel bills and reduce carbon footprints.
  • It provides instant hot water and heating delivery. It doesn’t store the water in the hot water storage cylinder or tank, and heats only the required water.
  • It is built-in-two-stage frost protection. It ensures your heating system works at an optimal performance level throughout the year.
  • It is quiet in operation. You can expect minimal to almost no disruption.

My Bubble Bath offers the exclusive Vaillant boiler range manufactured to the highest standards. We ensure reliable heating and hot water supply. As a Vaillant advance installer, we offer extended guarantees. We are also a Gas Safe Registered Installers, and assure compliance with the strictest safety standards.

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