What is a Traditional Toilet?

When we talk about a traditional toilet, the very first thing that comes to our mind is a hole in the ground down at the very base. No, not that quite traditional! We are talking about the Victorian style toilets that consist of a simple, tall, elegant and timeless white ceramic build, often matched by bidet and sink.

A traditional toilet will add that perfect sense of pure style and elegance to your bathroom. At My Bubble Bath, we also have a vast range of matching basin and bidets to complete the look of traditional design bathroom. Whether you are looking for a low-level or high-level toilet, a wall hung toilet or close coupled toilet: you will find a choice of traditional toilets to set up a timeless classic style.

If you love classic designs or your home as a vintage theme, then a traditional toilet is a great choice to add the essence to home. Traditional toilets are more decorative in design both around the cistern and the base of the pan. Even though the popularity of modern toilets is growing, an antiquated cistern lever system adds a special touch of class to any home. Or if you desire to have a toilet that has a touch of opulence, then our range of exclusive toilets can add a luxurious look to your bathroom.

Today the traditional toilets have an environmentally friendly dual flush system to help you save both money as well as water.

Types of Traditional Bathroom Toilet

When revamping your old bathroom, or building a new bathroom, all the focus usually goes on choosing the style of bath, washbasin, and shower. When it comes to toilets, the many options available in the market are not widely known.

Nowadays, there is a vast range of traditional toilets available. Choosing what kind of toilet to get for your bathroom can be more complicated than anticipated. From corner toilets to wall hung toilets, with a range of traditional and modern flushes, the decision can take longer than expected. You must think right from the planning and design stage about what type of bathroom you want as a whole.

This article will help you choose the most appropriate and best style of the toilet for your bathroom. And help you decide which type of bathroom toilet will your bathroom space the best way!

Low Level Toilets

The low-level design of a traditional style toilet suits perfectly in a bathroom that is going for a classical style bathroom look, without going all-in on the traditional design. The flush cistern is fitted on the wall separately to the pan and connected to the pan by a pipe. A low-level toilet also has a lever flush handle which is usually in white ceramic. If you want to add a touch of flair and quality to a bathroom on a reasonable budget, this option is perfect.

High Level Toilets

A high level toilet needs a bigger room and quite a higher ceiling than a standard bathroom. The key features of this style include—

  • high-level cistern flushed using a pull chain
  • nickel or chrome flush pipe
  • the metal chain with ceramic pull
  • the brackets supporting the cistern
  • and the authentic traditional look.

The traditional high-level toilet is the crux of any aspirational classical bathroom. The high level cisterns are kept above the toilet pan and mounted toward the ceiling.

This classic high-level toilet has everything needed to get a traditional bathroom started in style in addition to a seat.

Concealed, Back-To-Wall Toilets

In this type of toilets, the cistern hides behind a vanity unit or wall. It is more suitable for back-to-wall or wall-hung style toilets. If you want to have a very minimalist look to your bathroom, you can surely consider it. It is best suitable where there is restricted space like a cloakroom or ensuite, or want to conceal pipework.

With the highest quality material, the Cali Montego Back to Wall Toilet is durable as well as stylish.

Close Coupled Toilets

Close coupled toilets are one of the most popular styles of the toilet. “Close coupled” means there is a connection element between pan and cistern. It adapts well to either a modern or traditional style bathroom. The cistern sits on the pan; where the pan is attached to the floor and cistern to the wall. This makes it easier to clean by hiding the pipework. This style will easily complement the most type of bath and washbasins.

To get a more minimalist traditional toilet look, the Cali Daisy Lou Value Bathroom Suite is your guy! No matter the style or size of your bathroom, it is super versatile and looks brilliant just about everywhere.

Wall Hung Toilets

These toilets need ultimate confidence in the strength of the walls of the bathroom. You will have to buy a wall frame and concealed cistern separately. If you have used minimalist bathroom units, wall hung toilets will give a contemporary look.

Corner Toilets

Corner toilets are best suitable for small bathroom, cloakrooms, and ensuites. This triangular-shaped toilet will save space and allow better access. It usually has a close-coupled cistern with a top push button to flush. Mostly, it suits a contemporary style.

Classic Pairings for Traditional Toilets and Bathroom Suite

Undoubtedly, without adding traditional items, your stunning traditional bathroom design will be incomplete. We have shared some of our most fine classical pieces to complement your traditional toilet.

Traditional Toilet Seats           

At My Bubble Bath, we have a wide range of exquisite toilet seats to rustic up an existing toilet unit or match your new traditional toilet. Whether you are looking for square-shaped toilet seat or the D-shaped one, you can get everything at MBB.

Looking for soft close toilet seats? Cali Cromford Traditional Back to Wall Toilet Seat is a traditional treat with its incredibly soft-close mechanism and quick release for simple cleaning.

Traditional Bidets

The bidet, the long-featured yet seldom-used bathroom that is, however, a necessity in any sensibly pictured traditional bathroom. A bidet is a brilliant tool which is easy to clean. If you want to make your bathroom with the best and high quality traditional toilet, adding this with a bidet adds to that regal home everyone dreams of!

Traditional Basins

Basins are the most-used area of any bathroom or home— whatever the era of its aesthetic.

  • If you want to have a basin with squared edges, look no further than the Cali Vessel Counter Top Basin.
  • Or for another great option, there is the Cali Daisy Lou Basin with Full Pedestal. Just see at this charismatic beauty and imagine what surprising look it can give to your traditional looking bathroom!
  • You can also check out Dwight 600mm White Gloss Bathroom Wall Hung Basin Vanity Unit. It is a fantastic piece that will add beauty to your bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom Accessories

A traditional bathroom consists of much more than its traditional toilet, basin and bidet. You can add a bath tub and then there is all of the bath accessories and bathroom furniture for which a classic bathroom call.

Even the smallest addition in classic styling can make a significantly different and can often give the most elegant final touch to a perfect royal décor. My Bubble Bath stocks a wide range of Victorian style toilets. It will complement a whole range of classic bathroom suite and assist you to attain a traditional, yet timeless feel!

Few Things to Consider When Choosing a Traditional Toilet for Your Bathroom

Shape of the Toilet

It may seem to be entirely irrelevant, but to get a coordinated bathroom, you need to ensure the shape of the toilet matches the rest of the bathroom suite. For instance— a round-shaped toilet will look strange in a bathroom with a square basin and squared features.

If you are someone who loves to be minimalist, you can go for wall-hung designs or back to wall toilets. The hidden pipework will give the bathroom a sleek and stylish effect. The wall-hung toilets free up the floor space to make the bathroom look bigger and more spacious.

Space Spacing Solutions

For creating more space, especially in a small bathroom, a corner toilet can be the perfect option. The innovative design fits perfectly on the right angle. That means having a fitted corner toilet you can get much-needed space elsewhere in the room. A corner toilet can also be matched with a corner basin to finish off the bathroom. Because of its functionality, people are adding a corner toilet to get a bigger bath or shower enclosure.

You can check out the range of best toilets available in My Bubble Bath. They help you save those extra inches on the dimensions of the cistern or pan. Our range are well-designed and crafted to take up the smallest amount of space possible in your bathroom. Toilets are a bathroom requirement, but they necessarily don’t demand too much space when planning your bathroom design the right way.