Central Heating Boilers for Warmth and Cosiness

Boilers play the most crucial role as part of your central heating system— providing hot water and space heating from one central source. Since they are important to your heating, choosing the right boiler is not only about the size or type, but also about understanding how they work.

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How Central Heating Boilers Work?

With central heating, a single boiler heat water. This water is pumped through different pipes and water outlets to radiators installed in a different room across the home. The same boiler can be used to provide hot water in the utility area, kitchen and bathroom(s).

Generally, the majority of central heating boilers run on mains gas, which is very economical. Also, it has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions of any fuel besides wood. They can be either a regular boiler or a combi (combination) boiler.  

Regular boilers work with a hot water cylinder. You have to manually programme it for heating the water in the cylinder at particular times of the day. So, there’s sufficient hot water at times when you need for washing or bathing.

Nevertheless, you can impulsively choose to have a bath or wash at random times of the day. As the hot water in the cylinder may get cooled down by then. These types of boilers usually have a different tank in the loft, hot water storage and the boiler.

Whereas, as soon as you turn on a tap, combi boiler gives hot water instantly. As the water passes through the boiler, it gets heated. So, there’s no need for any cylinder. You can have hot water for washing or baths whenever you need it.

A boiler heating system consists of two main parts—

  • the boiler that heats and distributes the water,
  • the pipework through which the water flows.

The pipes are installed in the subfloor or walls of each room in the home and are well-connected to the boiler. During the operation, the boiler pumps hot water through these pipes.

As the water flows down the tubes, the heat from it radiates through them and enters into the particular room. This is how boilers help in heating the home. And, that’s why this type of heating is known as ‘radiant heating’.

Radiators work through the process of convection. The air from the water covered within the radiator naturally grows, and the cool air decreases. As a result, warm air distributes across the room where the radiators are installed.

Why Install Central Heating Boilers This Fall?

Summer season is here, and now its time to get prepared for winters. If you are planning to buy a new heating system, now is the perfect time to get a central heating system installed.

When it starts to snow outside, it can be tough to be without heat in your home. Imagine the pleasure of waking up in the chilling morning and having a house full of warmth! You won’t have to wait for ages for your outdated electric boilers or heaters to produce heat and to get a warm feeling before leaving out of bed.

What can be better and exciting than getting your bathroom warm and cosy in chilling winters? In this article, we have shared some of the benefits of having a boiler-based heating system this winter.

It Saves You Money

Today’s central heating systems, when used efficiently, can guarantee lower bills all year round. Modernizing an existing central heating system can significantly lower your annual gas bill up to 30 per cent. Modern A-rated condensing boilers with effective heating controls are much more efficient than old boilers. It has high efficiency and is an excellent option for proper heating and hot water.

It Helps the Environment

Central heating boilers will not only aid in cutting down the bills. It will also help in lowering carbon dioxide emissions, and thus help in saving the environment. As compared to oil central heating, the gas central heating system will generate significantly fewer emissions.

Therefore, gas boilers are more eco-friendly and cleaner. It will only emit carbon dioxide and water. Also, there is no need for regular maintenance, like cleaning the chimney and heater from combustion residues.

It Improves Your Health

The central heating system protects your health, belongings and household by lowering condensation and fungus growth. They are popularly known to help prevent several health problems like Asthma, heart attacks, hypothermia, strokes and bronchitis.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Central heating boilers are fully controllable. It can be operated using a timer, thermostatic radiator valves and room thermostat. For different rooms, you can set different temperature. Or, you can even set the timer to a specific time so that you can get a shower with a lovely warmth instead of waiting for old-style storage heaters to heat up.

Central heating boilers also heat rooms more evenly and quicker than forced-air heating systems. As warm air increases to the top of a room and drops as it cools forced-air heating systems to manage to generate hot and cold places during operation.

Boilers transfer thermal energy among solid objects, thus keeping all the heat near the floor of the room where it is required.

Explore the Best Central Heating Boilers at My Bubble Bath

My Bubble Bath offers many types of boilers, including the market’s most reputed brand ‘Valliant’. MBB provides you with the highest-quality system boilers. The system boilers utilize water directly from the main cold water storage tank.

The Vaillant Combination boilers range varies and is available with a variety of different capabilities. The product range includes—

Vaillant Ecotec Pro

The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro range of combination boilers provide high quality performance and reliability. Built with a simple design approach, this range fit simply into homes with limited space too. The stainless-steel heat exchanger in this boiler ensures reduced energy consumption and impressive energy efficiency.

Vaillant ecoTEC PRO 28 Combination Boiler ErP & Horizontal Flue & Vaillant timeSWITCH 150 Analogue Timer

Vaillant Ecotec Plus

The ecoTEC Plus range is the best for home heating and provides one of the best open vent solutions. Using a conventional open-vent system, the boiler range is the perfect way to deliver an excellent and energy-efficient performance.

It has push-button programming, which makes the boiler easy to use. Its two-stage frost protection guarantees optimal performance all year long.

Vaillant EcoTec Exclusive

The Vaillant ecoTec Exclusive provides a great performance. It manages your energy consumption and output to keep components run at peak performance, for longer.

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