All About Vaillant System Boilers

In the field of boilers, Vaillant has marked its brand by providing a wide range of system boilers. The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus range of system boilers are one of the most demanding brands in the United Kingdom. This Vaillant system boiler range offers both high performance and flexibility equally.

A system boiler is the one that directly heats your central heating system and provides you with the hot water cylinder for storage purpose. These system boilers can also be called sealed system boilers. These Vaillant boilers are with the in-built heating and water system. Thus, they work as a regular conventional boiler where they can store hot water, and here they get the water supply directly from the main source. They are an ideal choice for any home with more than one bathroom as they can provide a constant supply of hot water.

How Does a Vaillant System Boiler Works?

A Vaillant system boiler contains all the majority of components inbuilt in itself that are required for generating heating and hot water. Here, the cylinder or tank attached to these boilers contains an external part for storing hot water. If there is a regular supply of water from the main, then these boilers will eliminate the need for a tank that is in the loft. In such a case, they then heat the water to radiators around your home and hot water tank to supply hot water.

Difference Between System Boilers and Combi Boilers

Before getting into the different you must know that both system boilers and combi boilers heat the water directly from the main source. However, a system boiler needs less space as most of its components are inbuilt within the boiler itself where you can find regular central heating set up with no need of expansion tank. As a disadvantage, we can say that these system boilers are more-costlier to buy, install and repair.

Combi boilers are the one that provides hot water for your radiators and taps whenever needed. These combi boilers are very popular as they consume very limited space and are much easy to install. These types of boilers are known as combi as they combine the functions of a regular boiler, hot water cylinder and cold-water storage tank.

These combi boilers are filled with cold water from the main water source. Here, whenever you turn on the hot water tap, the combi boiler gets the cold water from the mains, where it heats the water and sends it out to your hot water tap. Even in the market, there are some combi boilers available that provide a small amount of hot water storage.

The main disadvantage of a combi boiler is that they are not an ideal choice for any home where there is a high demand for hot water. They always require a proper supply of water with pressure to maintain its high-quality work. Even these combi boilers are cost consuming.

Features of a Vaillant System Boilers

1) Easy to Install

The installation of a system boiler is much easier, quicker and neater when compared to the installation of a regular boiler. This is so mainly because these Vaillant system boilers are designed with inbuilt components.

2) Compact size

Since these types of boilers are with inbuilt components, the unit is more compact and requires very limited space even can be fitted in the kitchen cupboards, but its water tank cylinder which is the only external part requires space.

3) The Best Choice for High Hot Water Demand

Generally, a system boiler uses a large water storage tank. Thus, you can make use of multiple taps at the same time without a reduction in pressure. This is considered to be an ideal one for busy or large households with more than one bathroom.

4) Greater Water Pressure

As these boilers take the water directly from the mains, the water flow rate from the tap will be with a higher pressure when compared to the regular boiler.

5) Fast and Economical

These boilers include a pump, that means it responds quickly and has more economical running costs.

6) Eliminates the Need for a Cold-Water Feed Tank

A system boiler doesn’t require a feed and expanded tank or a cold-water feed tank as they can be used with pressurised cylinders. This can save space and still can give you the option of having a boiler.

7) Compatible with Solar Thermal

It can contribute to energy consumption by generating hot water with a solar thermal system. The tank or cylinder that stores hot water can be altered to heat water using solar power.

Why Choose Vaillant System Boilers?

When it comes to system boiler, as said before Vaillant has expanded itself with a wide range of boilers. All the Vaillant ranges are available with high reliability and best quality. These sealed system boilers deliver for all types of houses where there is a huge demand for hot water from a single bathroom to a multi-bathroom mansion.

Vaillant system boilers range covers 12kW to 37kW, and all of them works perfectly with Vaillant cylinders for small properties. But for larger properties, the choice of ecoTEC Plus with 46kW and 65kW models are the best options.

The ecoTEC Plus 46kW and 65 kW are the high heating output boilers that are suitable for domestic and commercial projects. They are well considered for their high-quality and high-efficiency stainless-steel heat exchanger that offer more resistance towards the oxidation and corrosion.

Our range of system boilers is always an outstanding option as it helps you to have low energy consumption for hot water and central heating. Thus, it provides a lower fuel bill. Our product is much smarter in the sense that when you do not need hot water, it will automatically drop the usage by 16% and eventually save on fuel and cost.

Thus, as a conclusion Vaillant system boilers are the best choice for any property despite property’s size.