Exploring: Bathroom Suites for Small Bathrooms

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Do you have an idea to add a luxurious look to your bathroom, but scared with the expenses? You need not have to worry about this anymore. Yes! To give you the comfort of luxury at your budget, the sanitaryware manufacturing companies have introduced the concept of bathroom suites for small bathrooms as well as for large family bathrooms

These bathroom suites will have the collections of all the major bathroom products and even contains the combo items that can cost you cheaper comparatively. Today, most of the people opt for the bathroom suite option. This is because if you plan to buy each item separately it will cost you more but, the same set of items if you buy under the options of bathroom suite, it will cost you less. So, isn’t a good idea to go for a bathroom suite

Well, it’s quite obvious that everybody will not have the luxury of a large bathroom area. But, even it doesn’t mean that you can’t create the one to have a fabulous bathroom space to relax after a stressful day. Most of the bathroom suites are designed, ensuring that even the smallest bathroom can fit an indulgent bathroom suite.

To fulfil the desire of those with a smaller bathroom, the space-saving design is developed massively for small bathrooms with a wide range of compact plus corner toilets and basins, baths and even shower enclosures. These bathroom suites are available in different size and style, with the design ranging from traditional and classic to contemporary and ultra-modern.

Even these suits are available as an eco-friendly option, that can value your money. The design of these suites can help to maximise the space in your bathroom by utilising the unused area of a bathroom.

Designs of Bathroom Suite Items Available for Small Bathroom

Bath tubs

Bath tubs are an essential part of any bathroom, and if it is with the smaller dimensions means you can have them fit into any small sized bathroom without compromising on your bathing experience. It is very difficult to criticise any bathroom with its size because the modern accessories are so effective that they can give a luxurious look even to a small bathroom.

In the market, there are many different compact sized bath tubs available that can give an outstanding look to your small bathroom. Let’s read more on small and compact sized bath tubs.

Small bath tubs

These small sized compact bath tubs are available in a variety of different size with the dimension of 1200mm x 700mm. These bath tubs are the one with luxurious single ended regular shaped acrylic bath. You can add more creative options to these tubs by adding perfect lighting to suit your mood.

To create a superb experience within the bath system to have a perfect spa bath, these small bath tubs are also available with the options of the jet massaging system. Thus, if you want an ultimate luxury in bathing, you can opt for the wellness Chromatherapy system. This system offers 21 chrome fixed jets and 7 directional jets that allow you to isolate different jets to aid relaxation and focus on any problem areas of your body.

Small Sized Toilets

As there is a wide range of availability in baths, the same is with these toilets too. They are also available in a wide range with a modern touch of small and compact designing. This can give your small bathroom a contemporary feel despite their smaller size. Corner toilets are the popular choice for these small sized bathrooms as they allow the space for larger versions of other bathroom suite items. Even here, the wall toilets create a more minimalist look in your bathroom. 

The design of close-coupled toilet and the close coupled short projection toilet are both elegant small toilets that will look classy in any small bathroom. Being a compact version of a toilet, they are available with dual flush cisterns and soft closing seats which can add a feeling of luxury to your bathroom suite. These toilets are small in size but of course not small on style.

Small Bathroom Basins

Basin is the basic need for any bathroom, and no bathroom is complete without a suitable basin. The space saving designs are prepared depending upon the choice of basins availability. Wall hung basins, and semi pedestal basins are the one that can create the illusion of having more space in your small bathroom.

However, a decent corner basin can also help to maximize the available space in your bathroom. While choosing a small basin, it is better to have it in mind that even being smaller in size it is going to be used by everybody efficiently. Well, these can be more suitable to a cloakroom where the basin is only used to wash your hands.


Whatever be the case, even the people with a smaller bathroom, do desire for a shower enclosure in their dream bathroom. These needs of people have given rise to different shapes and styles of shower enclosures and shower trays that can allow this even in the smallest bathrooms.

Thus, the article concludes that whatever be the size of the bathroom, the compact and small sized perfect bathroom suite can provide any bathroom a luxurious look.