History of Ideal Boilers

Ideal has been in the industry for over 100 years with a strong reputation in the market. They have surpassed their goal to develop reliable, high-quality heating systems for different requirements and households. The company aims to satisfy the needs of all customers by keeping up with the ever-changing demands of the modern homeowner.

While manufacturing the boilers, the Ideal keep both customers as well as installers in mind. They prioritize ease-of-use, efficiency and simple installations intending to make sure that all experiences with their product range are hassle-free and straightforward. The brand has founding principles of innovation, value and quality.

Ideal boilers continuously strive towards their aim of utmost customer satisfaction. Their goal is to keep their customers at the heart of everything they do. The company continually aims to enhance its services and products to achieve their customer-oriented goals.

The principal aim of Ideal is to invent products that could help to improve the customer’s homes. They have awarded with numerous Awards for their industry-leading technology and high levels of excellence.

Different Types of Ideal Boiler— Ideal Combi Boilers

The Ideal boiler range comprises of several different boiler types, each with their exceptional benefits and features. Each boiler is suitable for various demands and households.

Here at My Bubble Bath, we employ Gas Safe registered engineers who have experience for installing a range of Ideal boilers. We strive our best to help you select the best option for your home. There are Ideal boiler types include—

Ideal Combi Boilers

In the UK, the most popular choice among homeowners is the Ideal combi boiler. It is designed to deliver both heating and hot water to your home in one compact system without occupying much storage space. It is a potentially brilliant option for homes with limited space because it doesn’t need any additional components or parts.

Since condensing boilers are designed as a single unit, it doesn’t need an extra water storage tank. The advantages of Ideal combi boilers include—

  • Ease of use with more control over using the amount of energy
  • High energy-efficiency to reduce heating bills
  • Cost-effective as compared to other boilers
  • Deliver hot water instantly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Standard warranty

Ideal System Boilers

Ideal system boilers are uniquely designed to deliver a means of efficient hot water and heating. They directly heat the radiators. It requires an additional sealer water cylinder for storing the hot water. However, it doesn’t need a tank for cold-water storage as the key system components are already in-built.

System boilers are best suitable for large households with multiple bathrooms and a higher requirement for hot water. The advantages of Ideal system boilers include—

  • Instant access to hot water
  • Energy efficient
  • Economically and environmental-friendly
  • Saves space  

Ideal Regular Heat-Only Boilers

Regular or heat-only boilers provide a constant supply of central heating and hot water to multiple taps. It needs an additional cold-water storage tank and hot water cylinder. It is best suited for large houses or commercial properties.

If you already have a traditional form of central heating installed, these boilers could enable easy and quick installation. But access to hot water is not instant. The benefits of Ideal regular boiler include—

  • Backup system for access to hot water, in case the boiler breaks down
  • Suitable for properties where water is prone to be accessed by several people at the same time
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Environmental-friendly

Ideal Logic Plus Boilers to Meet Every Household

My Bubble Bath could provide you with a range of choices from the Ideal boiler brand. Over time, Ideal has introduced several boiler ranges, all created with the satisfaction and requirements of their customers in mind. Their product range contains—

Ideal Logic

Consisting of combi, system and regular boilers— this range is developed by Ideal to meet the growing needs of different households, regardless of their requirements and size. With critical features, including back-lit displays and easy-to-use pressure gauges, these boilers were designed considering control and convenience.

Ideal Logic Plus

Ideal calls this range as their flagship set of boilers. Including every type of boilers, this range features pioneering functions such as built-frost protection, fully back-lit LCD displays, and easy to use. It aims to provide you with hassle-free and efficient central heating.

It provides excellent energy savings which makes it the perfect choice for new or replacement installations. It is compact enough to fit perfectly in a standard kitchen cupboard.

The Logic Plus System is a gas boiler providing both heating and hot water for your home. It is easier to service and compact as it has all essential system parts built-in. It has a 24-kW output, which is perfect for small homes.

It has enhanced remote capability and product styling for maximum flexibility. This unit also features frost protection to assist protect your boiler against freezing cold temperatures.

It is available in several sizes— 15kW, 18kW, 24kW and 30kW with wide range of options such as thermostats and optional timers. It has user-friendly control panel. It includes a 7-year warranty on labour and parts to give you complete peace of mind.

Why Ideal Boilers Are Highly Recommended?

All Ideal combi boilers are highly-efficient and reliable systems, created with your needs and home in mind. Get your brand-new Ideal Logic boiler installed in your home from our experienced boiler engineers at an amazing price and no hidden charges!

My Bubble Bath stock multiple Ideal Logic gas combi boilers, designed impeccably to fulfil your requirements. With a compact style and different sizes, these boiler systems can be an easy and quick switch for your outdated system.

Offering 7-year parts and labour warranty, you will get several benefits from purchasing an Ideal boiler from My Bubble Bath. This boiler is highly recommended to homeowners because of its efficiency, reliability and effectiveness. All our Ideal boilers are made up of high efficiency technologies and are A-rated. An A-rated domestic boiler is much better for your health, environment, and your pocket!

Which Ideal Boiler is Best for Your Home?

It is important to select the right boiler for your home. The boiler you choose must meet your as well as your family’s needs. Here at My Bubble Bath, we aim to assist all the customers to select a boiler system efficiently and effectively to fulfil their household heating and hot water demands. We feel delighted helping our customers choose an Ideal gas boiler that suits their home.

Several factors should be considered when choosing an Ideal boiler for your property. Your heating and hot water requirements, available space in your home and your budget should be a key consideration. You should also consider the kW output that your property is likely to require.

A kW output indicates the boiler’s capability to deal with your central heating demands. It is likely to be dependent on the number of radiators and bathrooms present in your home. Thus, a boiler with a higher kW output is usually best suited for a home with higher heating and hot water demand.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient replacement boiler, the UK manufacturer, Ideal has a solid selection of affordable heating systems. Ideal boilers are an excellent choice for homeowners who are in search for affordable replacement boilers with a high energy-efficiency rating.

Check out the range of boilers available at My Bubble Bath!