Measurements play an essential role in flue bends

Products like steam or combi boilers throw out dangerous gases and smoke when it is in use. These toxic gases may damage the building or external structure to a great extent if you do not take measures to install high quality and branded flue bends.

It is imperative to note that flue bends sold in the market come in various sizes, measurements and shapes. It would help if you showed caution while buying these types of products from the online or retail stores. 

As a responsible customer, you should take accurate measurements of the exit wall before taking the next course of action. Toxic gases like a high amount of carbon monoxide, lead and nitrogen may escape from the outlet valve and pose as a threat to human life and property.

You can safeguard your electrical, electronic and other types of home appliances when you install flue bends in exit point.  

Flue bend which acts as an outlet pipe will carry dangerous gases and let it out in the air safely without damaging the outer-wall, chimney and other properties. You can reduce carbon footprints and support the environment to a great extent if you install such branded outlet pipes.

Planning to install flue bends: consider some critical factors 

Builders, contractors and homeowners will benefit a lot when they fix products like flue bends inside their premises. You should take into consideration some of the vital factors which are listed below before buying flue bends:

  • Boiler flue regulations guides and manuals  

Online guides and manuals which are related to boiler flue regulations are freely available on online websites. You should download such guideline books and manuals before installing outlet pipelines. 

  • Materials used for constructing flue bends                         

Branded flue bends sold on reputed online sites, and retail outlets are made using steel, aluminium, iron and copper and other metals. You should purchase the best bends according to your budget and requirements. 

  • Quality certifications, testing and assessments

It would help if you always bought a flue bend which has ISO stamp on it. It is safe to use products which have passed international quality certification standards. Explore the label and product description for getting such essential details.

  • Compare the products and pricing. 

You should use the aggregator website for comparing the prices and getting the best deal. Ask for free quotes from various dealers and make the best decision based on the inputs. 

  • Utilize the services of qualified and licensed installation experts

If you have decided to erect industrial boiler and combi boiler, then it is safe to utilize the services of qualified and licensed installation experts those who have years of experience in this domain. 

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instruction while installing products

Certified installers should systematically follow the manufacturer’s instruction and install flue bends professionally.

How to select the best shops which sell flue bends?

The cost price of flue bends differs according to sizes, shapes and materials used in it. The market price of the 45-degree flue pipe will be lesser than the 90-degree flue pipe. Do thorough online research and survey to identify the best e-commerce or online stores. 

If you are struggling to find the names and addresses of the best shops which sell these types of quality products, then decide to click here. 

You should take into consideration some of the vital parameters for identifying the best e-commerce websites which sell branded flue bends.

  • Reputation in the market

You should give priority to those sellers who have years of reputation and strong roots in the country of the UK. Click here to get the names and addresses of highly ranked sellers in the city of London. 

  • Price tags and special offers 

Usually, reputed online sellers offer special prices and also announce discounts during off-seasons and festivals. Check all these factors before buying products.

  • E-brochures and product catalogues

Reputed and experienced online sellers will have e-brochures, product catalogues and e-booklets, which will provide descriptive information about pressure and temperature rating, product descriptions and thickness details. 

  • Testimonials, product reviews and ratings

You may get surprising and exciting information about the seller when you explore the testimonials, product reviews and ratings.

You can directly discuss the pros and cons of installing smoke outlet pipes with experienced HVAC technicians, plumbers and engineers. They will suggest best flue pipes which can blend on your external or outdoor wall properly. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using flue pipes


  • It safeguards and protects the building wall from smoke-related damages and destructions. 
  • Your family will not suffer from health problems like cough and cold.
  • You will be supporting the environment
  • By installing the pipes, you are complying with the rules and regulations of the UK government. 


  • Flue pipes may not come up to your actual expectations.
  • Flue gases may escape from its confines when you do not install the product according to international standards.
  • Long pipes may protrude out from the building, thereby giving an ugly look to it. 
  • Flue pipes may suffer from severe damage when it is overused. 

You should check whether any of your friends or neighbours have installed flue pipes recently inside their homes or business establishments. They will guide and direct you some of the best shops which sell flue pipes at the best prices.

You can save a large chunk of money and your valuable time when you buy combi boilers, flue pipes and all other accessories from one of the famous online shops. Do not believe in misleading advertisements or pressure tactics and apply your mind before buying the best boilers and accessories from the e-commerce stores. 

If you come across retail outlets which sell boilers and accessories, you can enter into these reputed shops and inspect all the products physically. You will get better insight about trending home and commercial heating systems and outlet pipes when you visit reputed shops.