Everything About A Bathroom Suites Sales

Everybody desires for a stylish bathroom at a reasonable price which is not always possible. In this case, the people are provided with the option of bathroom suites sales. It is an option which is mostly preferred by everybody as here the manufacturing companies provide almost all the needed bathroom sanitaryware products such as toilets cistern, toilet pan, sinks, bath tub, etc. at an affordable price.

Since all these items are available as a combo pack, you cannot ask for any other alternative instead. Thus, it is better for you to be conscious of the quality of the product before buying. While going for a complete bathroom suite, it is better to have a pre-planning concerning the water pressure of your bathroom as well as the design of your bathroom.  

Even you can upgrade your traditional style bathroom with a whole new modern bathroom suite to have a refreshing and exotic look. While planning for a whole new bathroom suite, you can normally check out for the brands that are mostly recommended by the people.

 This article will give you some tips to be followed before buying a bathroom suite. 

Bathroom Suites Sale: Measurement of Your Bathroom

  • Before going for a bathroom suite sale option, it is must to measure your bathroom. Here, you have to make a note of your existing waste pipes lines, boiler and electrical wiring. As relocating any of these can disturb your planned budget.
  • You can draw a rough design of your bathroom where you can mark the location of the window, door and fittings. Be sure that you must take this rough bathroom design with you while selecting the bathroom suite.
  • Ventilation is the most necessary thing to be made note-off. Thus, if there is no availability of window, then it is advisable to install an extractor fan, or else condensation can cause mould and damp problems.
  • If possible, you can create a 3D image of your bathrooms with a rough design to have an idea about the future appearance of your bathroom after installation. This 3D view can give you a clear vision of the availability of bathroom space.
  • Even you can try the online bathroom planner that are provided by certain companies. Here, you can design everything depending upon your rough design without consulting any bathroom specialist. 
  • Choosing the bathroom suite that suite the existing bathroom furniture can give completeness and an exotic look to your bathroom.

Bathroom Suite Budget

The first step of planning for a bathroom suite is to decide on the cost that you were going to spend on. So, it is better to set a targeted budget with some addition of about 10% contingency. However, before buying it is quite usual to go with the bargaining process to have a cheap bathroom suite at your budget.

Choosing a correct bathroom suite is very important as they are available in many types such as free-standing bathroom suites, cloakroom suites, two-piece bathroom suites, three-piece bathroom suites, etc. 

1) Cloakroom Suites: These cloakroom suites are two-piece suites that contain a toilet and a bathroom sink. It is most preferred due to its space saving property. Here, a corner toilet or a corner bathroom sink can further add some extra space to the cloakroom. Usually, the cloakroom toilets will have a smaller flush capacity that is great for saving water.

2) Freestanding Bathroom Suites: The freestanding bathroom suites usually consists of a freestanding bath or a roll top bath that is placed in isolation or positioned along a wall, a bathroom sinks or a toilet. These are mostly installed in the main bathroom in a home. The installation of this freestanding bathroom suite provides more space than a standard bath with an elegant and stylish look.

3) Two-piece Bathroom Suites: This type of suite consists of a toilet and a bathroom sink. And here you can choose the product as per your choice. But make a note that the selected alternative product must be from the same range to be included as part of the suite. This type of bathroom suite will suit all sizes of bathrooms whether is a cloakroom or a main bathroom. 

4) Three-piece Bathroom Suites: A three-piece bathroom suite contains a toilet, sink and an option between a bath or a shower, where you can choose anything among them. It depends upon you that which option you have opted for your bathroom to mix and match within a set range.

When it is about the showers, there are many different shapes available in the market that include quadrant, hinged, or corner showers. But, it is about the suites that include a bath, you can choose from a straight, freestanding or a shower bath.

The most preferred one is an L-shaped and P-shaped bath. An L-shaped bath is available with a larger cubed area at one end that gives the bath tub the shape of a capital L. A P-shaped bath has a large curved area at one end rather than a cube that looks like a capital P. They both enables more spacious bathing experience and even uses more water when compared to straight bath.

Deciding for A Bathroom Suite

Before deciding to go on for a bathroom suite at your planned budget, it is better to go with the reviews and rating provided by the users on each brand. Make a note of the brand that is available with both high quality and reasonable cost as per your budget.

The Durability of A Bathroom Suite

It is essential to check out for the durability of any product. When it comes to a bathroom suite, must be very careful as it is more exposed to water.

Small Bathroom

When you were planning to have a new look for your bathroom, you must see to it that after the placement of the bathroom suite, there must be enough space available. As the availability of the space gives a luxury bathroom look.

If in case, you have a small bathroom then a cloakroom suite is the better option as this cloakroom suite consists of a vanity unit and a toilet. This suite is the most preferred one due to its space saving property with its luxurious look.

Thus, this article has covered almost everything you need to check out before going for an option of bathroom suite to enhance the look of your bathroom.