Have New Trend with Best Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Do you dream of an exotic bathroom? Even after making all the best choice, you still feel something is missing? Then this might be due to an incorrect choice concerning bath shower mixer taps. Every bathroom gets complete with the proper selection of taps pertaining to the flow of water pressure.

The selection of appropriate taps shows your love for your bathroom with a real-time trend. Before selecting any major bathroom equipment whether could be bath fillers, shower baths or filler taps in general, you must have a clear idea that it must suit your bathroom in all the sense. It must include the presence of water pressure at your place as certain types of taps will not work properly if the water pressure system is not up to its level. 

In this article, we are going to see the different trends in taps from the traditional to the modern innovative ones so that you will be clear enough to have an idea before renovating your bathroom.


Steps to Install Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Before fixing either a shower mixer taps or wall mounted taps, it is better to decide that you must have your shower head held out properly without disturbance. Well, with the handheld shower you can now have easy, handy options to wash your hair, even it provides you with the easy accessibility to wash children and pets with a proper way to rinse your entire bath tub to keep it clean and hygienic.

1) Fitting the Mixer Tap to Your Bath Tub:

  • First, you have to ensure that the ‘O’ rings are placed properly for a neat finish.
  • Then slide these ‘O’ rings onto the mixer and place the mixer tails through the holes in the bath tub.
  • This can be followed by fitting the rubber washers to the mixer tails from the undersides.
  • Now, connect the back nuts and tighten them firmly.
  • Finally, make use of a clean cloth to avoid tools scratching the chrome surface or your newly installed tap.

2) Positioning the Hand-Held Shower Holder: 

  • Once, the mixer tap is set on a place; it’s time for the next step where you need to fix the wall mount for the shower head.
  • Mark the placement for hand-held shower holder by taping the wall in the place.
  • First, mark the position of the drill holes onto your masking tape.
  • Do ensure that no wires or pipes are involved in your walls as this can damage the wall while drilling.
  • Now, once you are set with the marking set up, it’s time for you to drill your holes. 
  • Be sure that you make use of appropriate drill kit and wall plug combination for your particular wall type.

While doing this procedure, it is always better to wear suitable protective eyewear during the entire drilling process as a safety measure.

What is Bath Shower Mixer Taps Collection with My Bubble Bath?

It is quite common for people to go for something that provides a multi-functionality feature at a great price. Yes! Instead of having a separate tap for the shower, bath, etc. if suppose you are provided with a taps includes all operate to control, plus a shower handset, hose and shower head holder for your bathing, then don’t you think that could be a Wow factor. Well, it is for sure.

Having all these Wow factors in an account, My Bubble bath which has marked its name in the field of sanitaryware products in East London with its best quality service has gained a lot of trusted customer’s. They work with the markets more exotic and leading brand such as Cassellie, Vado, Desire, Energy to provides you with the best quality product.

Now, let’s explore more in detail about some of the different varieties of shower mixer taps from the wide collections of My Bubble Bath that can blow your mind.

Vado Victoriana Bath Shower Mixer:

It is the one with complete traditional charm and vintage style. This is the kind of tap that can remind you of our ancient era. It’s classic design with a gorgeous curved spout, plus white detailing around the diverter handles and shower handset can transform any simple bathroom into a luxurious bathroom. This model has two taps for both hot and cold water.

This model provides a bathing experience where you can feel the traditional touch with the combination of the modern trend in your bath tub.

Cassellie Rio Single Lever Bath Shower Mixer Taps:

It is a slimline product that can suit any floor-mounted single lever mixer shower tap. This product can contribute your bathroom with a makeover at your budget. With its simple single lever control, it can be easily operated by anybody, even by kids. 

With innovative technology, the bathroom taps and shower are considered to be a delight to use and thus, delivers a whole new level of a luxurious bathroom. The mixer of this single lever tap with a swivel spout is appropriate for filling a freestanding bath and hand-shower with 1500mm hose that makes the washing and rinsing of your hair a pleasing moment.

Cassellie Vigo Waterfall Bath Shower Mixer Tap (Deck Mounted):

From a wide range of bath taps, in recent years there is a great demand for waterfall style taps. Yes! The one that can get you to experience the real waterfall. These types of bath mixer taps are with the sights and sounds of flowing water that is always soothing and relaxing.

Cassellie Roma Bath Shower Mixer Taps:

Among the wide collection of taps and bath products, this is the simplest yet stylish piece of the recent trend. These bath filler taps are easy to grip with protruding handles. It has been designed to match the colour of other taps and shower parts for a coordinated appeal.

The above information is about some of the products that are mostly in demand in today’s market. Apart from this, My Bubble Bath also deal with the wide collection of bath shower mixer taps, basin taps, filler taps, etc. Here, you can experience a pleasurable online shopping at an affordable cost. All their products are available with specific terms conditions for a standard period of warranty. 

I hope this article would have given you some idea about the bath shower mixer taps and their need for any design of the bathroom. Thus, you can make use of this and give your bathroom a luxurious look.