More Than Just a Heating Option— Designer Electric Towel Rails

Bathroom is usually the coldest room in a home, especially after taking a shower or a bath. It is vital to keep your bathroom warm to bring you comfort, and an electric towel rail can do this. 

A designer electric towel rail can instantly spruce up your décor and bring a luxurious spa-like feel to add a warm, relaxing atmosphere. You can also hang your towels to keep them dry and warm.

Say goodbye to that horrible feeling of anxiety when you have to face the cold hard shock of stepping out of the shower in a chilling winter morning!

Create a Bold Statement and Unique Style with Designer Electric Towel Rails

Towel rails are one of the most useful accessories for your bathroom. It will not only keep your towels warms for you after your shower, but also towel rail radiator will also keep your bathroom warm when you need it.

The range of designer electric towel rails at My Bubble Bath isn't just feasible; they are also superbly modern, helping to add a contemporary edge to your bathroom.

The designer towel radiators offered at My Bubble Bath are built from the highest quality materials. We ensure the customer gets the best value for money, and the product lasts long. We also pride ourselves on providing the best price, all year round.

We help you create a sense of style and bold statement in your room. The pleasing looks and practical design of our range of heated towel rails offer a complete heating solution, which makes it the perfect choice for any bathroom suite.

Our exclusive range of designer electric towel rails come with a guarantee, so you can be assured that your towel rail will last for many years. Available in different sizes and finishes, our collection of designer towel rails will match any bathroom design, theme or colour scheme.

Bring life to any tired space in your bathroom with chrome towel radiators. It provides a superior shine and can fit well even in the boldest bathroom colour schemes. Whether you want to create a statement or looking for a minimalist towel rail that will complement the décor of your room, there is something at My Bubble Bath to suit everyone's tastes and style.

The designer heated towel rails from My Bubble Bath are also available as either flat or curved panel rails. It can perfectly fit in the available space and your style preferences. The towel rails are also available in different sizes and shapes, including square, round or oval shapes to perfectly match your style needs.

Benefits of Designer Electric Towel Rails

1. Warmer Towels and Bathrooms

Majority bathrooms have rare access to the sunshine, because of which it remains cold. The heated towel rail will not only warm up your towels, but it will also warm the air in the bathroom.

Who doesn’t like getting out of the shower wrapped in a fluffy warm towel?

There can be nothing creepy than getting out of a shower and wrapping yourself in a wet towel that hasn’t got appropriately dried!

With high-quality designer towel rails, you can always indulge in a nice dry and warm towel after your shower or bath— with the added advantage of keeping you warm for longer.

2. Multifunctionality and Versatility

Designer electric towel rails are gaining popularity because of its excellent functionality and versatility. They provide efficient warmth and heat to the room while keeping your towels dry and warm.

They are also perfect space-saving options as their sleek design helps you to make the most of your bathroom space.

Check out these fantastic space-saving designer towel rail— perfect for adding a style and warmth to your bathroom.

We have a vast range of heated towel rails. You can always find the right one for your home. Whether you are looking for small-sized bathrooms or full-sized ones, My Bubble Bath has it at the best possible price.

Heated towel rails come in different materials and shapes to perfectly complement your preferred design style and taste.

Are you looking for a funky, modern look? Try out this towel rail made of shining chrome.

Or maybe you are after a period feel? Try this model with straight railings.

3. Dual Fuel Towel Rails

A significant advantage of designer towel rails is their ability to have the dual fuel radiator function. With the addition of an electric heating element and a T-piece, the designer towel rail can heat up either hydronically vial the central heating system or electrically via the heating element.

It is a great feature as you just need one radiator in your bathroom to do two function— heat the room to a comfortable temperature or warm up your towels before you take a shower.

The dual-fuel functionality lets you save energy switching on your central heating system and heating the whole home unnecessarily.

During summers, the central heating system usually stays off. So, wouldn’t be it great if you could still dry your towels? A dual-fuel towel rail provides ultimate heating flexibility. Most of our bathroom radiator can be changed into a dual fuel towel rail.

4. More Hygienic

While towel warmers or heated towel rails provide you refreshingly toasty towels, one of their main advantages is keeping your towels dry.  It not only makes them handy in cold weather and humid climates; they also help in keeping your bathroom hygienic. Dry towels help in minimizing the risk of a soggy breeding ground for mould and germs.

5. Energy Efficient

Heated towel rails might sound like a waste of energy, but this is not true. Keeping your towels dry means you don’t have to wash it often.

The towel rails help to save electricity and water. The towels will be dried directly on the towel rail, so you have to wash it less. So, you can save costs associated with an energy-consuming tumble dryer.

6. Added Luxury and Stylish Touch

With the increasing demand for designer electric towel rails, they are evolving. Today there are countless stylish and classy designs available to add a real ‘WOW’ factor to your bathroom.

At My Bubble Bath, we have many unique designer towel rails and rads. No matter what your style or taste you can be assured to find the perfect one to complement your home. Adding a designer radiator offers much more than just a source of heat. It can add the much-needed perfect finishing touch to your bathroom décor.

Whether you are looking for contemporary design, ultimate luxury or classic sophistication – My Bubble Bath has the perfect collection of towel rails to suit every bathroom.

If you are looking for the laddered towel rail, Inma Chrome Radiator or Chrome Flat Panel Heated Bathroom Towel Rail Radiator can bring a sense of indulgence and novelty to the room.

Heated designer towel rails offer a unique and charismatic way to hang towels, giving your bathroom a streamlined, modernized touch and feel.

Explore Exclusive Range of Designer Electric Towel Rails at My Bubble Bath

At My Bubble Bath, we offer an exclusive range of hand-picked designer electric towel rails. It provides many benefits, including ease of installation, the added benefit of being extremely energy efficient, luxury and comfort.

There is a range of flat panel, curved, straight and wall mounted towel rails, available in different finishes and sizes.

My Bubble Bath’s diverse ranges of styles offer the pleasure of niche towel drying and warming to meet all space demands and needs. Electric towel rails can also add a unique touch to guest bathrooms, offering a perfect solution for maximising the bathroom space.

When you take all the advantages of designer heated towel rails into account, it’s no wonder that they are becoming more and more popular all across the UK.