Explore You Bathroom’s Classic Look with Traditional Toilet Collections

Even today, there are some people who love to experience the touch of the modern trend with traditional classic style. You can find this more often in the bathroom as most of the people are still used to the traditional comfort when it comes to the toilet. Yes! A traditional toilet, one of the basic needs of a bathroom where these set of people are always unwilling to experience with their choice of a toilet as they are addicted to their traditional toilet and its comfort.

Appreciating the desire and emotions of different varieties of people, the bathroom accessory manufacturing companies have introduced a wide range of high-quality style toilets that can grab every bodies attention. Their superb range of traditional toilets can provide any bathroom with a unique style. From high-level cisterns to an exotic back to a wall designed, each traditional design speaks in itself. These traditional toilets are also known as a Victorian toilet.

In this article, we are going to explore the sanctuary bathrooms range of traditional toilets that are the perfect piece for any bathroom.

All About Traditional Toilets

The traditional toilet or a Victorian style toilet is more unique for its classic design of being larger and more solid in size. It varies from a modern version where the cistern is separate from the actual toilet pan. The old fashion design of these high-level toilets can create a dramatic finish in any Victorian bathroom. But still, the modern touch can be found in the traditional toilet range through its soft close toilets seats.

Even some of the traditional low-level toilets are modern with their close-coupled design. But, still, it purely adopts a traditional décor in the cistern or pan.

Traditional Close Coupled Toilets

The close coupled toilets are the stunning traditional style ceramic that is usually Victorian in style with fluted bases. Some of them are much squarer in style with an Edwardian or art deco feel that is very popular. Thus, creates a chic timeless look. These toilets are with exposed cisterns that are coupled to the pan, that makes them look more authentic with a lever handle.

Low-Level Traditional Toilets

If you are very specific about using a traditional toilet, then you have the choice of high-level traditional toilets as well as a low-level traditional toilet. The low-level toilet is designed with the cistern which is slightly raised above the toilet. Here, the wall mounted cistern is connected to the pan via an exposed pipe, that creates an elegant and sophisticated design without occupying much space.

Traditional Toilets, The Best Choice for Small Spaces

These Victorian styles close coupled toilets occupy small space as it is with the shorter projection pan that allows it to be with a slimline toilet. Its cistern depth is slimmer on the version of a close coupled toilet. This could be nicely paired with a matching cloakroom basin for consistency that can bring about the final exotic look together.

Ornate Victorian Toilets

The design of these toilets provides a lovely floral design feature in a traditional style that complements the Victorian look.

Keys that’s Transforms a Traditional Bathroom into the Modern Era

1) Nanoglaze Coating: The Nanoglaze easy clean coating done on the toilet bowl and classic basins ceramics can make it harder for the dirt to stick.

2) Box Rims: When it is about the box rims, it is designed in such a way that does ensure the flow of water from the flush must spread properly on the pan internal. Thus, can clean the internal pan with each flush. 

3) Dual Flush Cistern Levers: The traditional toilets mostly look great with a conventional ceramic cistern lever. These levers are available with a dual flush that is moreover, like a modern push button toilet. So, when you need to have a half flush, you can push the lever down slightly, and for a full flush, you can push the level completely down.

Even this option of double lever flush mechanism is available in the high-level toilets as in this case; the chain is a rigid chrome pipe that allows you to push it up as well as pull it down as a regular process.

4) Adjustable Flush Capacity: The most common toilet flush standard is 6 litres for a full flush and 3 litres for a half flush. But in recent days, most of the manufacturing companies are preparing the flush mechanism in such a way that it can flush effectively whenever used, i.e., little as 4.5/2.5 litres. Thus, can save water as well as money.

5) Invisible Overflow and Waste: These classic basins are modernized with an optional invisible overflow, i.e., there is no conventional plug hole at the bottom of the basin and even no overflow hole on the side. This hidden overflow mostly stops the basin from overflowing.