Bath Panels— Giving Your Bath That “Built-In” Look

Bath panels are a must-have for almost every bath. It is a useful accessory that helps protect your bathroom suite from daily deterioration. Also, it helps revamp the overall look of your bathroom suite. It creates a unified style throughout your bath space by hiding all unappealing pipework.

Bath panels help blend your bath perfectly with the rest of your bathroom décor, resulting in a look that is sleek, sophisticated and stylish.

Choosing that perfect bath to relax and calm down can be one of the most thrilling and tedious parts of your bathroom designing journey. A bath panel plays a vital role in ensuring your bathroom looks great!

My Bubble Bath offers a wide range of bath panels. With side panels and end panels, you can create a unified design in the budget. Available in various sizes and shapes, it is almost sure-fire that you will find the ideal bath panel for your bath space.

Made with the highest quality materials, our range of bath panels are built to last longer and comes with a warranty. Our budget-friendly price will let you get your dream bath space. But, choosing which panel to buy can be the hardest part.

In this bath panel buying guide, we will look at which type of bath panel is perfect for you and things to consider when choosing bath panels.

3 Key Consideration for Perfect Bath Panels

Your Bathroom Size

Whether you are buying is bathtub, basin, or toilet seat for your bathroom, ensuring you choose the right size is a vital element. It is especially true when it comes to bath panels. So, make sure your measurements are precise.

Bath panels create a clean-cut finish for your bath and to achieve this finish; My Bubble Bath features many baths that come with the suggested panels to help you out.

Whether you need just an end panel or both the bath front side and end panel, it all depends on your preference as well as your bathroom set up. Bath panels are required for any sides of the bath that aren't fitted to your bathroom wall.

Check out:

1. Bath Panel 750mm MDF High Gloss Bath End and Plinth: Made from high-quality, MDF moisture-resistant bath panels, covered in a high gloss white PVC vinyl. These panels provide a great fresh feel to any bathroom and go well with all bathroom furniture ranges.

2. Acubase Waterproof Bath Panels 1700: It is designed to hide unpleasant plumbing attractively and effectively. With its contemporary high gloss white design, it will perfectly fit in with any bathroom size and design.

Your Bathroom Style and Theme

There are ample of bath panels available in different styles and looks. You can choose a modern acrylic bath panel or traditional wooden one depending on the look you want to get.

Wooden panels come in different shades and style to best complement any bathroom furniture and are waterproof. Whereas, acrylic bath panels are perfect if you are looking for a unified feel to your modern bath space. Both panels perfectly match up the white of contemporary bathroom suites.

If you want to add a dash of colour, you can choose from the collection of coloured bath panels and simply spice up your bath space. Get creative with your bathroom design by adding beautiful panel.

Your Additional Storage Need

Many panels go together with new modern features like an unfold and fit option, which makes installation even much more straightforward. Few bath panels come with options of storage access, letting you maximize empty spaces under the bath.

Storage bath panels are perfect for smaller bath spaces. It let you conceal any bathroom essentials that can make your bathroom look messy. You can never have enough storage space for things like toilet rolls, cleaners and bleach.

Here at My Bubble Bath, we offer an extensive collection of stylish bath panels in various sizes, colours, styles and finishes suitable for every bathroom.

Buying a new bath panel lets you transform the look of any bathroom without breaking the bank and taking any stress. At My Bubble Bath, we can help you choose the impeccable bath panel to design your dream bathroom!

Bath Panels— Which Type to Choose?

Whether you need a bath panel or not depends on the type of bath you purchase. Whereas, the material you choose depends on your bathroom style. The high gloss white acrylic bath panels are best if you want your bath to fit perfectly. And wooden bath panels are suitable if you are going to have similar coloured vanity units in your bathroom.

Among the most popular designs of bath panels comes the straight baths. They are available both as a single or double-ended bath. Whichever style you choose, a straight bath needs a bath side panel and end panel for creating the effect of a built-in unit.

Like a straight bath, bath panels are highly recommended for a shower bath, for getting a unified design for your bathroom. We offer both “L” and “P” shaped bath panels to meet your needs perfectly. A bath side and end panel should be together to create the cohesive design, which will add more style to your bath.

A freestanding bath is perhaps the only type that doesn’t need a bath panel. They are specifically designed to offer a full shape and finished design.

Our range of bath panels are produced from the highest quality materials and are built to last.  Choosing the right panel for your bathroom can be harder than you would have imagined. At My Bubble Bath, we are extremely pleased with offering our customers the best possible collection of bath panels to choose from.

Get the Best Bath Panels Range at My Bubble Bath

Bath panels are a vital part of any bathroom suite. They can instantly create a spick-and-span finish by hiding away unpleasant pipework which can spoil the overall look of your bathroom. It also helps in protecting vital fixtures and fixings.

With various finishes and styles available choosing, the right bath panels for your bathroom has never been easier. At My Bubble Bath, we have a lavish range of bath panels and bath accessories to choose from.

Depending on the style of your bathroom, we offer a range of sleek, contemporary style bath panels in a wide range of colours to perfectly complement your personal style and the overall look of your bathroom suite. The bath panels available at MBB fit flawlessly with any of the baths available to purchase from us.

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