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  1. 25 Feb 2020

    What's the difference between 'basin' and 'sink'?

    Homeowners those who are using vintage or out-dated basin in their bathrooms or dining rooms should take efforts to replace it with new ones.
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  2. 25 Feb 2020

    What is a bidet in a bathroom?

    Family members will stand to gain a lot when they start using a bidet, which comes with compulsive features in their bathroom. You can wash and clean your private parts comfortably without any difficulties when you begin…
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  3. 25 Feb 2020

    Why do some bathroom sink taps have separate hot and cold faucets?

    Family bathrooms will get that stylish look when you install ergonomically designed bathroom sink inside it. The exciting news is that there are sinks which supply cold and hot water round the clock. 
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  4. 25 Feb 2020

    How many flue bends can you have in a combi boiler?

    Homeowners those who are planning to install a fresh piece of combi boiler inside their premises should buy flue bends after analysing their needs and requirements. 
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  5. 21 Feb 2020

    Everything You Need To Know About Bath Screen

    Water may escape from the normal confines and spill outside the bathing space when you do not take efforts to fix branded and high-quality bath screen inside your spacious bathrooms.
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  6. 17 Jan 2020

    What is the best room heater to buy?

    The bathroom is the only place in the home, which sees maximum activities throughout the day. If you do not install high-quality bathroom fittings like room heater, then you will have to suffocate inside it till you come out…
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  7. 17 Jan 2020

    Radiators buying guide | Ideas & Advice

    The radiators usually found in countries which enjoy colder seasons throughout the year. If you are living in a country where the seasons are unpredictable, all that you have to do is to buy a quality radiator from branded online or local shops…
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  8. 17 Jan 2020

    How to make my small bathroom look better?

    Are you looking for the best tips on how to improve your small bathroom? We’ve got it all covered in this thought-provoking article. You will reap the maximum benefits if you follow all the suggestions highlighted below. Your bathrooms will glow…
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  9. 17 Jan 2020

    How can I make my bathroom stylish and fancy?

    Homeowners those who are planning to make their bathroom stylish should take efforts to renovate or reconstruct it completely. Usually, showers will lose its sheen after a point of time and owners should take initiatives to refurbish their bathroom…
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  10. 17 Jan 2020

    Home Decor: What's the best way to redecorate a bathroom?

    Homeowners those who are living in age-old houses should spruce up their living spaces by installing best home décor, which is popular in the market. Your bathroom will start stinking or floor may lose its sheen…
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  11. 17 Jan 2020

    Heated Towel Rails Guide

    Homeowners those who are using out-dated towel rails should decide to replace them with new ones. Explore heated towel rails guide before deciding on purchasing from the open market or online shops.
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  12. 17 Jan 2020

    8 Contemporary Bathroom ideas

    When it comes to bathroom ideas and designs, the inspiration is infinite. You will be surprised to see a wide range of products that are related to bathroom furniture, furniture and fixtures when you explore the…
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  13. 17 Jan 2020

    6 stylish bathroom furniture ideas for 2020

    As usual, New Year has started with lots of positive notes, and it’s a time to leave behind what’s terrible and begin to embrace what is in the store shortly. If you are planning to start this year with a bang, then plan to remodel…
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  14. 6 Jan 2020

    What are some must-have bathroom accessories?

    Bathrooms will look clutter-free and tidy when homeowners install some of the best bathroom accessories such as screens, bathtubs and taps which come with classic style and smart features.
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  15. 4 Jan 2020

    What are some ideas for bathroom furniture in the UK?

    If you want to make your bathrooms more functional and elegant, then you should decide to add glossy bathroom furniture. There are lots of trendy furniture items like cabinets, shelves, freestanding vanities that are available in the market that…
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  16. 3 Jan 2020

    What's The Difference Between Towel Rail And Towel Rack?

    Electrical resistance tower rail is becoming a favourite choice all over the world since it consumes less energy and dries-up the towel instantly. It enriches the looks of the bathroom and keeps it clutter-free.
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  17. 3 Jan 2020

    What Is The Most Comfortable Style Of Bathtub?

    Soak in an ergonomically designed bathtub and get instant relief from body pain. Best bathtubs not only add colours to your bathroom but also accentuate the looks of it.
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  18. 24 Dec 2019

    What are some of the best wash basin for a living room?

    Bathrooms will get that classic look when homeowners install stylish wash basin, faucets, bathtubs and other such fittings. If you are using damaged or old washbasins in your bathrooms, it is always better to replace them with…
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  19. 23 Dec 2019

    Difference between close coupled toilet and back to wall toilets

    Refurbishing the existing restrooms with brand new close coupled toilet is the right decision since it takes little space and enriches the rooms to a great extent.
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  20. 28 Nov 2019

    What Are the Trendy Designs - Bathroom Ideas?

    Whether you are looking for bathroom ideas for your new home or thinking about renovating, this article will help you design your dream bathroom with simple expert tips.
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  21. 26 Nov 2019

    Fitted Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

    With fitted bathroom furniture, you can combine multiple wall mounted and floor standing units to suit the design of your bathroom and storage needs; and also lets you create a tailored look.
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  22. 25 Nov 2019

    Underfloor Heating: The Ultimate Guide

    Underfloor heating system is the latest trend in home renovation, and installing it in your bathroom can bring a sense of functional luxury to the room, at an affordable price. 
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  23. 18 Nov 2019

    How to Get the Best Idea for Modern Bathroom Designs?

    If you are looking for modern bathroom designs, we have compiled some of the useful ideas to achieve it. 
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  24. 20 Sep 2019

    Corner Mirror Bathroom Cabinet— Add Style and Functionality to Your Bathroom

    Corner Mirror Bathroom Cabinet is a great way to maximize corner spaces of the bathroom and add a touch of style too.
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  25. 19 Sep 2019

    Get High-Quality Chrome Radiator Valve Only at My Bubble Bath

    Chrome Radiator Valve has corrosion-resistant and smooth lustre properties which makes it suitable for the bathroom of every type and size.
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  26. 17 Sep 2019

    Underfloor Heating— The Complete Guide to In-Floor Heating

    Underfloor heating is a cost-effective way to keep your floor and space warm even in chilling winters.
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  27. 16 Sep 2019

    Why You Must Have a Wall Mounted Towel Rail in Your Bathroom?

    Wall Mounted Towel Rail gives you dry and warm towels in cold mornings. Getting a towel rail has many benefits. Check it out. 
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  28. 13 Sep 2019

    Hung Up on Style: Why Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture Are More Popular Than Ever?

    Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture lets you maximize your bathroom space, and gives you a practical and space-saving bathroom solution.
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  29. 12 Sep 2019

    Designer Electric Towel Rails— More Than Just Warming Towels!

    Designer Electric Towel Rails keeps your towel dry and warm, by adding a touch of luxury and style to your bathroom
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  30. 10 Sep 2019

    Choosing the Perfect Bath Panels

    Bath Panels are a brilliant way to add a luxurious finishing touch to your bathroom— adding a dash of style while concealing all the pipes.
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  31. 7 Sep 2019

    How Bathroom Remodelling Makes Bathroom Look Fascinating?

    Bathroom remodelling is a great and cost-effective way to give your bathroom cosy and luxurious look to relax and unwind in style!
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  32. 29 Jul 2019

    Traditional Toilet—Add a Touch of Class to Any Bathroom

    A traditional toilet is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Classic bathrooms are a great way to make a statement, a necessary feature for anyone whose choice is not a modern décor.
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  33. 17 Jul 2019

    All you need to know about vado showers

    Vado is a brand that has marked its name in the field of showers and is fulfilling people’s need for a dream bathroom by saving their money. In the market, their products such as Vado showers, taps, etc. are something that is an all-time demand.
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  34. 25 Jun 2019

    Add a ‘Wow Factor’ with Storage Bath Panel and Bathroom Basins

    While cleaning a place, hiding small items behind screens is a big deal. In a bathroom, these storage bath panels work as a multipurpose storage cabinet.
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  35. 20 Jun 2019

    Know More About bathroom suites for small bathrooms

    A perfect collection of bathroom suites for small bathrooms can bring about a luxurious look at your budget. Let’s explore more on these bathroom suites.
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  36. 10 Jun 2019

    Know More About a Freestanding Bath with Shower

    A freestanding bath with shower is a perfect choice for any stylish bathroom. This type of bathing provides your bathroom with an aesthetic look.
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  37. 27 May 2019

    Your Forever Best Choice - Cassellie Bathroom Furniture

    Now a days whenever we think about the furniture we just relate it with our current needs whether could be for our home or office. And we just go for the best quality brands no matter whether it’s for our living room or bathroom. Cassellie is…
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  38. 21 May 2019

    Experience a Timeless Classic Style with Traditional Toilet

    To create a timeless classic style, you have a unique option of a traditional toilet. It can allow you to smell the essence of tradition in your bathroom.
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  39. 16 May 2019

    An Insight into the World of Shower Head with Shower Holder

    To add a luxurious look to your bathroom, it is very important for you to select a perfect shower holder with a hand-held shower. Let’s explore more.
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  40. 9 May 2019

    A Guide for a Complete Bathroom Suites

    Today, there are many complete bathroom suites available in the market with the best deals and services. But, you need to be careful before buying them.
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  41. 18 Apr 2019

    All About the Exotic Bath Side Panel Collections

    It is a well-known fact that sometimes even after spending a lot of money you won’t get the great result that you get by making simple changes. Yes! the same concept is followed here with the bath side panel. No…
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  42. 28 Mar 2019

    Get an End to Your Search with Bathroom Suites Sales

    Everybody desires for a stylish bathroom at a reasonable price which is not always possible. In this case, the people are provided with the option of bathroom suites sales. It is an option which is mostly preferred by everybody as here the…
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