All About a Shower Holder

Well, it is so pleasant to take a shower by keeping your hands free. Yes! Just install your shower in the shower handle holder and experience an improved shower with the modern style of your bathroom. Although a shower holder is a small component that is commonly used in almost all the bathrooms where there is a shower. It is not that widely on talk when there is a talk about the shower, but while selecting or replacing your handset holder, you have to opt for something much better, and that moves along with the shower and the overall bathroom.

In earlier days, the shower holders are available in the most standard design that is something too common for any hand-held shower head. Even nowadays, these shower holders are used as a wall mounted one, but now it moves along with any shower head as they are available with its extended version of shower head holder bar.

Need of a Shower Holder for a Shower Head

When it comes to the hand-held shower head, it works well as you can raise the height of your shower head as per the requirement. So, if there is a plan to go for a replacement for your shower head, then to have an adjustable shower head holder is the best choice. The main thing to be noted here is that a hand-held shower head is simply good to be used because of its adjustable height as it can be extended about 3-5 inches on most hand-showers.

This wall mounted shower holders can be mounted anywhere on the shower wall, simply make a note that it is in an approachable area to have the comfort of a bath at both under the shower head and in the bath tub. This wall mounted shower holders are typically installed either with screws or with an ultimate over the strong adhesive.

The installation depends upon the need of the bathroom, as the drilling will provide sturdier mount whereas the use of adhesive can be somewhat lesser sturdy, but it is as easy as peeling and sticking it on the wall. Thus, most of the people prefer to go with the modern trend of using adhesive to have an easy and neat approach towards their bathroom.

You can usually find these shower holders with a shower slide bar. This slide bar is mounted to the shower wall and then to the shower handset that is attached to the mount on the slide bar. With this slide bar, you can easily raise the height of the shower head up or down by sliding the holder mount up or down the track of the slide bar. 

These slide bars are mounted to the wall using a screw so that it can be adjusted up or down by over 25 inches. This can not only make you to have a very sturdy product but will also provide you with a lot of flexibility towards the position of the shower head at its perfect height. If needed you can use an existing detachable shower head with hose.

How to Replace a Shower Holder

These shower holders can also be called as a shower head holders or shower brackets or handset holder and are an understated accessory in showering. If you have got a fixed overhead shower, then you must need a shower head holder.

Replacing a shower holder is much easy to install. Let’s see how to replace a shower holder, 

1)  Before getting into the replacement process of the shower holder, it is must to make a note of the diameter of shower riser rail that is available in the range of 18mm, 19mm, 22mm and 25mm.

2)  Before doing this make sure that you must remove the bottom bracket so that the bracket sliding rail can move freely. 

3)  When it comes to the bottom bracket, they are available in different varieties. All these brackets are adjustable and can be set with the help of a screw on the wall.

4)  Now, set the new bottom bracket. But, before replacing the bracket, make sure that you have held the bracket properly in the correct position so that your hose can be fixed in it.

5)  Now, once it’s done fix the bottom bracket. Thus, your shower handset is ready to be placed on the bracket holder.

With these simple steps, you can replace your shower holder easily without the need of a plumber. I hope this article would have given you some idea about the shower and its understated accessory shower holder with its installation procedure.