All Your Bathroom Need is a Vado Shower

Vado is a division of Norcros group holdings limited and a leading British bathroom manufacturer in the field of sanitaryware products. This Norcros group holdings limited registered in England and Wales. They provide high-quality tapsshowers and brassware to the UK for over 20 years. Their remarkable approach towards the cutting-edge design and engineering combines together to make a stunning look and long-lasting brassware with all modern functionality. In the market, their products such as Vado showers, taps, etc. are something that is an all-time demand.

Most of their products come with an industry leading 12 years guarantee. With Vado showerheads, it is available in a wide range of styles in case of taps and controls that can match-up with the pumps to support them. You can outfit almost any bathroom aesthetic with Vado collections and can be confident for sure to have a great look at an end result.

Being a leading brand, its propositions are listed under the range of operations that are meticulously crafted to provide the user with ease. Its exclusive range of products includes VADO Celsius concealed thermostatic shower valve, VADO Thermostatic valveVADO Thermostatic shower mixer, and much more. This shower package with sturdy construction works efficiently in varying water pressures and also ensures long-term performance. Let’s explore some of the products of Vado collections,

1)  Thermostatic shower valves: 

Thermostatic shower valves are very vital for controlling water flow through the shower. This shower valves mixes both hot and cold water supplies to the temperature as per your choice. It makes sure that the water temperature remains constant for the duration of the shower. 

There are different types of thermostatic shower valves are available,

a)  Bar valve: They are the entry-level economy valves that are typically known as a bar valve that sits external to the wall. It is easy to fit and made up of ABS plastic and brass for durability. These valves feature a chrome plated finish and have easy grip flow and temperature control. This can be used with a single outlet. 

b)  Exposed valve: It is the one that allows you to switch between two outlets, for instant and overhead shower and a handset. This is called as an exposed valve as here the working sits external to the wall.

c)  Concealed valve: It is the one with a more sleek and discreet style. In these valves, all the workings sit behind a plate that is fitted flush to the wall, leaving just the control mechanisms exposed. 

2)  Bath shower mixer:

A thermostatic bath shower mixer is a bar valve fixing that has both taps and a shower built into it. It means the user can have the combination of both functions of a tap and a shower.

3)  Thermostatic Bath Taps:

These thermostatic bath taps and thermostatic bath shower mixers are the safest way to bath as well as shower. In the present years, the demand for thermostatic bath mixer taps has risen tremendously. Thermostatic bath shower mixer allows you to set a pre-set water temperature.

Here, the thermostatic control will keep the water at a constant temperature, even when someone flushes the toilet or turns on another tap.

4)  Basin mixers:

These wash basin mixer taps can be used in high and lowpressure systems. It is the durable mixer tap that can accompany you in the long run. It’s hard and ceramic discs withstand the friction that occurs when there is a change in the water temperature. It’s chrome-plated brass is much hard with durable surface that can be cleaned easily.

It includes the water and energy saving aerator for low and high pressure that includes the connection hoses.

5)  Bath taps:

Whether it’s a stylish bath high-quality shower taps to bath taps that are wall mounted or the 4-hole bath shower mixers to overflow fillers. Among all of them, majority of bath taps are available in chrome, some of them are available in antique gold to have a traditional look, even some in brushed nickel, pewter or copper to have a specialised finish.

6)  Electric showers:

The electric shower uses a heating element to heat the water immediately to the desired temperature which is not the case with the power shower pumps where it pumps the hot and cold water to increases the pressure. Thus, an electric shower is more suited to homes with a higher pressure.

An electric shower is of a great benefit when it is about the modern, energy conscious family homes. It mostly provides cold water unless there is a specific need for hot water. Eventually, this can help in saving the money on your energy bills. This also implies that you will never be running out of hot water supply, no matter how long you are under the shower.