Your Bath tub Deserves The Best Bath Side Panel

It is a well-known fact that sometimes even after spending a lot of money you won’t get the great result that you get by making simple changes. Yes! the same concept is followed here with the bath side panel. No matters how big or small your bathroom is, one simple addition of installing bath panel to your bath tub can make the world of difference. This is the reason that has exploded in popularity over the past few years. 

These bath tubs are available with hundreds of designs and finishes you can choose from. This including mirrors, wood, and even panels with hidden storage space. Well, choosing the right panel for your bathroom is a big deal. So, while going for it you must see for certain things, such as the material, styles, shape, size, and much more.

Bath Side Panel Materials:

Most of the bath side panels are either made from MDF or Acrylic. The MDF panels are solid and do not bend as acrylic panels when fixed properly. Thus, they can be a permanent panel for your bathroom. While choosing an MDF panel you must look for certain things, 

  • The thickness of board must usually be 5mm to 18mm. This is less likely to bow and has a more solid looking end result. 
  • Check for whether vinyl is wrapped or sprayed. ‘Vinyl wrapping’ is something that has been wrapped in a plastic coating. This provides a consistent finish as here the water resists for longer and the finish lasts through the panel’s life. And ‘Vinyl spraying’ means to spray paint to provide a final finish.

When it is about acrylic bath panels, they are cheap and very easy to cut. Even can be split easily if knocked after installation.

Bath Panel Styles:

The bathroom is all about style, comfort, and luxurious appearance. These bath panels are from plain high gloss panels to traditional shaker and tongue and groove styles. Let’s explore some of the bath panel styles that are in demand,

1) Wooden bath panel:

The wooden bath panel is commonly used with straight baths. It provides a neat finish by hiding the unsightly plumbing and underside of the bath. The wooden panels sometimes prefer other materials such as acrylic to provide an exotic range of beautiful finish that can fit in with any bathroom décor. These panels can be fitted to the side (front panel) and end (end panel) of the bath tub.

2) White high gloss bath panel: 

These are the main panel that is 530 mm high with the plinth of 125mm high. It gives an adjustable height of 530mm to 620mm. They are the top-quality bath panels with a high gloss finish. It is with the two pieces that refer to the main panel, plinth and side panel, not the front panel. It is mostly preferred for its best features such as, 

  • easy to clean
  • scratch resistant
  • hard wearing
  • lifetime guarantee
  • can be easily drilled or cut with a sharp hand saw
  • PVC vinyl wrapped to have a perfect non-fade finish
  • Moisture resistant

3) Tongue and groove bath panels:

This style of tongue and groove panel provides a little texture to the finishing of any bathroom. These routed panels have a vertical design that breaks up the length of the bath. They can be used in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms

Bath Panel Shapes:

This bath panel comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It begins from space-saving corner designs to the luxurious sunken tubs, the traditional roll-taps to stunning slipper baths. All this depends upon you whether you like to have a long soak or a more practical solution that suit your style and budget. Let’s explore some of the most preferred shapes,

1) Slide into a slipper: 

This type of bath panel can be easily identified by its extended backrest. It provides a comfortable backrest, excellent head and back support. Here, the taps were located at the shallow end, and are often positioned in the middle of the bath, leaving both ends free that can make you lean back and relax. In the same way, traditional roll-top, slipper baths feature a curved lip and are raised off the floor on feet.

2) Choose a contemporary slipper:

This shape of bath panel is designed to offer a classic slipper shape with crisp lines that are perfect for a slick scheme.

3) Roll-top:

The classic roll-top is available with its gently sloping back, distinctive curved lip and claw or ball feet. These can be painted in any colour from bright to neutrals.

4) Oval or Cylindrical design:

This design is an aesthetically pleasing one. Its presence gives a great look to the bathroom. It’s positioning always gives enough space to climb in and out.

5) Combined bath and Shower: 

This design is used when there is a lack of space. Yes! it is a solution for small space as you can have both bath and shower together. Here, the hinged glass panels allow the free-standing tub to easily transform into a shower.

Bath panel size:

The size of the bath panels differs for every bathroom. The standard size used are,

  • Front panels 1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm, 1800mm, and 1900mm
  • End panels 700mm, 750mm, and 800mm

Among the above-specified size, the most commonly preferred one is 1700mm. Moreover, the installation is not the same for all. These sizes usually accommodate bathrooms with mobility pools or cast-iron baths.

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