Storage Bath Panel - Makes Your Bathroom A Perfect Place

Well, when you decide to give a beautiful and luxurious look to a place. The first thing that you need to do is to clear the small items from the room. It’s not like you should throw them away; instead, you can keep them at some storage place, to give a clean and tidy look to a place. When it is about the bathroom, we all know that even after having so many storage places, we still need some extra space. Having this need in mind, nowadays, the bathroom accessory manufacturing companies have introduced the concept of storage bath panel.

Today, having a storage bath panel is an essential part of any bathroom suite. They not only give a clean-cut finish to your bathroom by covering any remaining pipework that could ruin the entire appearance of your bathroom. But, also provides a bath storage space behind the panel that you can utilize to keep the other bathroom cleaning products 

It is always safe to have bath panels to protect a bath tub. These bath side panels are available in various styles and designs. These storage bath panels are available in varieties of colours that can move along with any bathroom furniture. This modern feature of storage under the bath panel unfolds the fitting option by making it easy to fit. These types of the panel allow you to hide away bathroom accessories, making it clear of clutters. These storage items include bleach, toilet rolls and cleaners.

Choosing a Bathroom Basins that Matches Storage Bath Panels

For any bathroom, it is very important to choose perfect bathroom furniture that can move along with each other. This also includes the basin and toilet. Whenever you were planning to go for creating a luxurious look to your bathroom, it is always better to see to it that you are not compromising with the quality as it should always be with high quality so that can withstand the exotic look forever.

When it is about selecting the bathroom basin, you can have many options to choose from. Let’s explore the options

1. Wall-mounted ceramic basins: It is one among the most commonly available type of wash-basins. They are not that expensive and are much easy to install. These wall-mounted ceramic basins do not require a separate table or counter to hold them in place as they are directly attached to the walls of your bathroom. They are mostly available and preferred in white colour to give a pleasant look.

2. Table-mounted ceramic basins: This product is very common and available in various shapes and sizes. Even they are much easy to install in the bathroom. These types of basins are made up of wood, metal, glass, marble or granite. Even like wall mounted ceramic basins, these basins also come in white colour. They create a luxurious and modern look that suits a large variety of bathroom styles

3. Coloured ceramic wash basins: They are more similar to the wall-mounted and table-mounted ceramic basins, but these basins are present in a wide variety of colours and patterns. This also includes the combination of colours and patterns that can suite the other bathroom accessories such as storage bath panels, toilets, etc.

4. Marble wash basins: They are mostly made of cream or black Italian marble. They are available with the special tool polish and shape slabs of marble into exquisite wash basins. These kinds of wash basins complement luxury houses and apartments which make use of marble flooring and wall-paneling.

5. Onyx wash basins: The onyx wash basins are the table-mounted basins that are made entirely out of onyx. It is a translucent and radiant stone that is characterized by warmth and incredible depth of colour. They are incredibly luxurious and very hard to find. The white onyx basins are very rare and expensive compared to yellow onyx basins. 

6. Stone pedestal wash basins: They are free-standing wash basins that do not need to be placed on top of a table or mounted on a wall. These stone pedestal basins are made from large blocks of marble or onyx stone. Some of the pedestal wash basins combine materials such as marble and Balinese teak wood.

These basins are an ideal choice for any bathroom. And are usually translucent and can be lit using yellow or white light. These stone pedestal wash basins are usually too expensive but still appreciated and preferred by people mainly because of their ‘wow factor’ in luxurious power bathrooms as well as dinning rooms.

7.Resin wash basins: These basins are made of an innovative material that combines transparency, lightness and colour. They are highly resistant to scratches and wear. Its availability in three vibrant colours – crystal purple, wine red, and sky blue can give your bathroom a unique and innovative look due to their smooth and statuesque shape.

8. Wooden wash basins: Mostly, these wash basins are made from bamboo wood that is compressed using high pressure and heat to provide uniqueness in wash basin design. They are usually designed to be set as table-mounted and are completely water-proof. 

I hope this article would have given you a great idea about the storage bath panel and the basins that can move along and create a luxurious look to your bathroom.