Taps and Tubs: Basic Need for A Bathroom

Whether it’s a bathroom or a kitchen, every place has its uniqueness, and as per there appearance and demand, the need for taps and tubs differs. When you were planning to renovate your bathroom, the first step to be considered is to choose the right tap that can move along with the right bath.

Well, when it is about the best finish, you must have in mind that taps are the main need for any bathroom. So, must make a note of certain things such as What is the regular source of water? What is the level of water pressure at your place? etc. Having all the needed measures on hand, you can go for an appropriate selection of taps.

When it is about the tubs, the bathtubs are available in a variety of options to be selected from like a square bathtub, round bathtub, wide bathtub, etc. Thus, you must be clear that the placement of the tub should never affect the size of your bathroom. To be more precise you must select the bathtub in such a way that its placement should give a spacious look to your bathroom instead of standard bathroom size. As water is the common need of a bathroom, even here you must check for the water availability as some tubs consume a lot of water and this may cause wastage of water.

In the traditional design of a bathroom, the use of tap is very minimal and are much simple in appearance. But nowadays, as per the trend, these taps are available with new styles and fashion. This has improved the demand for bathroom tap manufacturers to create more unique and exciting designs that can give a luxurious look to any bathroom at an affordable price.

It is quite common for anybody to have a desire to get complimented for their bathroom, both for its style as well as for its practicality. The bathroom must be designed overall in such a way that it can provide a great look with an all-time offer for the smoothest experience forever.

Let’s have a look at different varieties of taps and tubs,

Different Types of Taps

1)Deck Mounted Taps

The deck mounted taps are something that can be directly fixed to the sink itself if the sink has been equipped with a tap hole. It can also be attached to the bath using the tap holes. Here, the tap holes are very necessary as these taps have been drilled into the ruin. They are the most common kind of taps, and they offer easy access to plumbing.

2)Wall Mounted Bath Taps

Wall mounted bath taps are the one that is fixed in the wall. These types of taps create a stunning look in any bathroom despite traditional or modern in design. While installing a wall mounted tap you must see to it that it must reach out easily to fill the bathtub or basin. This is more of a contemporary style and makes it easy to clean. But too hard to repair as all the plumbing is hidden behind the wall as while repair work it may eat up your money a lot.

3) Floor Mounted Taps

Floor mounted taps are mostly invented for bath taps, and these taps are exposed from the floor up to the tub. These taps can be redirected through plumbing work to any area in the bathroom wherever the bathtub is placed.

4) Mixer Taps

These mixer taps are also called as monobloc taps where only one tap hole is made in use. These are the bath shower mixer taps that are getting much popular in the recent period. They mix both hot and cold water together just as it leaves the faucet, gives you an even temperature before it reaches the tub or basin. Thus, it reduces the great risk of running scolding or freezing water.

5) Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are the most common type of taps that are used in both traditional as well as modern bathroom design as per need. They are the individual taps that have their own controllable valves that can control the flow of water and fit into the bath and basins. In the basin, these pillar taps are available with two tap holes in a single piece, one for the hot tap and one for the cold tap.

6) Bath and Shower Mixer Taps

These bath and shower taps are a mixture of both bath fillers and a hand-held shower that stretches from the tap. They are the one that is useful for having an all in one tap that can both fill your bathtub as well as wash your body evenly to give a feel of an over-all shower. These types of shower can also provide a mixture of hot and cold water at an appropriate temperature when it is connected with the thermostatic device. Thus, can be also known as thermostatic bath shower mixer taps.

Different Types of Tubs

1) Generic Bathtub

This is a common type of bathtub that can be found in any traditional or old-fashioned bathroom. The main purpose of this bathroom is just to provide a bath experience to the family members. It is available mostly in white colour with a shower head above.

2) Soaking Bathtub

With this bathtub, you can experience a bath where your entire body and head immersed into a bathtub that is filled with water completely. These bathtubs are designed deeper than the conventional generic tub so that it can hold more water. These tubs are available in various sizes, styles and shapes to be chosen from.

3) Walk-in Bathtub

Instead of having to step over a two-foot side of the bathtub, these types of the bathtub are easily reached by a level surface. These tubes are mainly useful for senior and physically challenged individuals. Here, a special device is located at the door which acts as a seal to hold and contain the water, even releases the water through a release button.

4) Whirlpool and Air Tubs

This bathtub design is provided with many features and has grabbed the attention of most of the people. It is the modern bathtub design that is preferred by many due to its healing property. Yes! It provides a bathing experience with the warm sensation of pulsating water jet massage. Thus, caresses every part of the body and gives immense joy while bathing.

From the above article, I hope that you must have got an idea about the different variety of taps and tubs and whenever you plan to buy bathtub or taps, you will be sure with the need for a better bathroom.