The bathroom is the general requirement for any place, whether it’s a home or office or hotel. It is the place that talks about hygiene, but when it comes to emotional comfort, it is the place where you can relax and release your stress. Thus, nowadays, people desire for a bathroom that is enriched with both luxurious look and hygiene.... Generally, a bathroom is consisting of a toilet, a basin, and either a bathtub or a shower, or mostly both. Well, all this needs to be in perfection with a high-quality range of collection to have a stunning look. My Bubble Bath is the trusted name in the field of sanitaryware collections. We deal with markets, most exotic and popular brands such as Cassellie, Desire, Vado, etc. We strongly believe that our products and services must be on the mark that can satisfy all kind of customers. So, we ensure our customers by having a close look at all our products before we recommend it to them.  We have the availability in any style from modern trendy bathrooms to timeless traditional Victorian bathroom. Thus, with our wide range of collections, now you can build your dream bathroom at your budget. This includes bath tubs, bath panels, L shaped Combination unit with basin, click-clack Basin waste, Cistern Push Button, standing vanity unit with basin, shower spray kit, etc. Sometime, when you plan for refitting a large family bathroom, adding a brand new en-suite, or refreshing a cloakroom; you might go for our special bathroom suite collections that have a variety of combo unit collections that is worth for your money. All our products are more desirable as they all are available within your budget with no compromise in quality.

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