Bath Panels

Give a protective shield to your Bath Tub with Bath Panels

A Bath Panel can be described as a panel or a shield that hides the unsightly part of your bathtub. Its presence provides a stylish appearance and a luxurious look to your bathroom without spending too much money. These bath panels are available as both front panels as well as end panels. ... These can be used depending upon their need in a bathroom. At My Bubble Bath, we provide these bath panels in various varieties at a very reasonable price. For us the quality is very important thus being with the leading brands’ Desire, Energy, Cassellie and Vado, we provide our customers with the best options. Moving further we just want to provide you with a guidance while selecting a bath panel. When you decide to go for a bath panel always ask a question to yourself whether it is necessary to have a bath panel or not, because all the bath tubs won’t move-out well with a bath panel. There are certain types of bath tubs that require a panel such as, Straight baths: This is one of the most popular designed bath tubs that requires a bath panel to enhance and complete its overall look no matters whether it’s a single-ended or a double-ended, or has an angular interior or rounded one. A straight bath requires one side panel and, in some cases, needs shorter end panel. Shower baths: This type of bath tub too requires an end and side bath panels as these shower bath tubs are specially designed to accommodate the extra width in the shower section. Corner bath: A luxurious corner bath tube requires a single angular or curved panel that can complete its beauty and style.

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